Daniel Alexander De Gre'

Also known as "The Pro"

I started this website about ten years ago never sure about introducing myself.

I like to walk into a casino's poker room and sit down unsuspected & undetected as being a professional poker player. My friends & family where the only people I told until now.

So the secrets out I guess. It won't just be just a few bikini models or cheerleaders bugging me at my home. Nope I am a famous celeberty trying to face it for once. Well sheet here is the truth for anyone who cares. I am one of the most brilliant strategic data analists there is for finding something where nothing seems to be. I don't need the data to be percise nor will it ever be. This is my gift as a scientific mind. I need no proof and do not expect there to be any. Most find the opposite approach of data analisis. I see it as absolute nonsense to follow any math or scientific as absolute or pfoven.

It should be easy to say why I decided to name this awesome website Proven-Texas-Holdem-Strategy.com. Proven!!! I hated to ever say that. I had to speak in sceintist mathematicion language that everyone listen too without question. Why one word....Proven. They Proved it !!!! How doing goshdam math somewhere. Drawing little sybols that can be anything incuding the collective scribbling of child like humans.

I funking wish ....more like aboslute lunatics dangerous as all hello ...how do I know i am one! They hove done 10 hits of acid in computer class to see every math or written symbol turn into unknown language clear as day. i am almost sure I was halucinating. I am tripping on drugs right now. Seeing all kind of cool things. I know it may or may not be real. Because what is known as a delusion illusion or pycosis to me. Are called mistakes, errors not words that mean anything about illnesses of the mind though. 

I have seen thousands of super real delusions hallucinations along with some kick ass things that were likely real. I place the same odds on both. Then proceed making decisions and actions that have me stacking money & chips constantly.

Here is the secret though. All my family says I make money playing poker. My close friends too. I have kept all record to monitor where my best games are. They are winning records that go on and on. Yet somehow I have only a little money. I have bills like anyone and it's hard to save right. Wrong maybe what the heck....What if I was a millionaire lied to everyone and lost it all to the real sharks in the game. Imaging I was this super strategist who does't use the math or science or normal and can do things that will turn you white if true with math & science of my peers. I love the shit I am like in heaven as the super nerd I really am.

I admit freely that I say their is an enormous chance that all my success as a scientist & or magnetization may be nothing more than one big hallucination. I asked everyone close to me if I am really a poker player famous writer. Everyone of them said nope it's real. Even after asking my family & friends I am telling you again. I say their is an enormous chance that all my success as a scientist & or mathematician or not real. 

So I thought about it forever when I had the name of my future website and the word proven in it. Everyone I know says yes you are the best poker player. You always win so on. Well see as a supposed scientist I reseached inot delusional thinking abit more that your average Joe. And found studies what large groups even entire towns had all supposedly imagined the same thing.

A terrible illness sending hundreds to the doctor all checked out with nothing of the sort. Along with more non disputed and accepted work into the scientific community. Mass widespread dillusion can happen. 

Early 1900's The War of the Worlds a book was made to sound like a radio broadcast of news like a movie showing the news....anyway there was mass histeria that the martian were really invading.

See I show you this evidence is great. If you can say it like I do too. That what if the news broadcast was real and the mariains really did invade us. Then for the following reasons it appears as a book being read on the radio.

First according to mental health & doctors there are the most well known and understood mechanisms called defense mechanisms. If something to tramatic occors the human mind can believe it to have be a dream lie or best of all cover up the entire memory. Same as with physical injury patience in pain or discomfort will faint. Or pass out completely. If not shock can occur blocking the pain to enable the continued use of the body. 

This is the most basic of accepted grade school science here okay.

So the martain invaiton was real. Someone tried to aleat the wold then snap. A collective snap. The martians horribly frigtning and millions dead slaughtere in the streets

-instantly the painful truth was erased by the defience mechanism. Then someone said wow I heard on the new that martian an the group again acting like a whole help out and say ohh taht was a fake report made up in some book they read. Ohhh heavens me thats right is was just a mistake. It was just a misunder standing. Martiains hahaha how ridiculous or couse it was broad cast of a book. Due...a book....did they check if that book existed  Maybe'

Some would enven remeber borrowing it from the library...a delusion but real as hell to someone withyout my record of spotting them. I can see two things at the same time.

And the sientists at MIT Stanford and more will say it's possible in quantam science thaat two space times can exist and over lap appear 2 ways at the same time; so do you follow me.

Maybe I have never played poker before even once. And i am drooling in some hospital crippled and broken. Snap my defense mechanism earases it all and I am in a state of toatl dilusion. Instead of waking up in pain a cripple and lonely. I have the dream life I am the super sceintist able to use science with liile formal training master poker stategy and win after only days....now a famous poker author too. on top of all this ia am a scientist who may save or help save us from a delusion everyone but me cant see i can see things not there so somehow this makes me more capable that thsoe sure they are not in a hospital or what ever. 

So the martain invaion may have happend to horrible a way we gave up or watnot and went into la la land.....a world war later caused the deaths of contless using wepons never beofre seen in history that could fly the airplane ...guns that shot bulllets like a machine....tanks and battleships. all new never before wre e there.....

sounds like the marian inveaion force to me airplanes...nope close though ...martican spaceships

machine gunes killing millions  nope martiain death ray just like the news said

a war fought by the whole world .....against germany....

so we won then said good war and a few years later ww2 with the nazis ...who almost beat us cause they got this time rockets...just like a martian.....jet planes faster than sound....what the...how about it 

we beat the german in ww1 let them amase another huge army for roiund too...

you feeling me here. we lost that war maybe wit hthe martians. All the sudden the industrial revolution boom. Nope all marticna tech thery are teaching us like we teach chimps....

Atom bombs rocket ship thinking machines a box you can see real people on called tv....

now the online tech computers all hoooking us together more that ever before we can expore the new world or space sea cyberspace and more . But wat is our # one activity....using a program called face book what the heck. why not picture book story book gOSSip book

boody book even i can see beating a face book wherre you do all kinds of amasing things due to the new tenolgy. like talk to someone aout your new music album you bout or send out a photo to pass around of a wedding ....wow....sound funking awesome place to go ....look at what jose did last weeken at the bar.....really changed the world over night. no more wasling to the corner of you stree to say hi nope now it take poker computer internet log on with passwords make sure nobodqy is wathcing t o say hi to your neighbor......wouldbnt want someotone to get into your acount and see all the pictures you posted to be seen.....hell no top secret face book info huh....the internet so huge its amazing that newspapers are sill alost as fast a way to get othe news paper the freaking newspaper....I can get one faster than you cna boot up log in ran a search and get your new from godam martian over lords you nazi hoax supporting shit bag. 

Nope i have to watch five people all sitting together all on a phone togehtre each one with important phone messages....i had a dam phone 35 years ago better. I talked for real maybe with the girl or friend....for two seconds or 3 hours just like they do now. But some how the phone wasnt ringing 25 times per hours about a new dog on tv or song on the radio....hey answer answer hey bob its 32 degrees out....no he lookd at this own dam thermomenter. or went dame it cold ....didnt run to the store get a ppaer cal his friend joe look somethisn new happned go look....zzzzzzzz what can it be reality is these people are staring at mind controllng roblits "androids' .....the screen always blnk and the friendes all imginarey....why else whould they only be using a super phone to text ....instead of just talk it or show live pictures of another like on old ass sci if shows....onee button a beep you can talk seeing your frinde oto. Nope funnier to type it out with the super adbance smart phone almost as avance figer cntrol needed in  the 1800s to use the telegraph helll yes lets do morris code probably next....

morriss code & driving is a no-no....dont beep beep beep beep beeep eepp eep beep. Wow ....

so I learned today as myself the scientist that the martians may have invaded and we are all blocking it out....

exvept the presidents and other leader left alone deal with it....then blamed as cover up villians when they are oing no such thing

We are at war the war on terrror ....ahh what on face book stupid president....ruined our country....

the war on tierra  teirra is latin for earth.... the war on earth.....tierrists they are tying to tell us but fuck those crocked lying son a bitches all ruind this contry...

war war war the martians actually did send

okay here is the best last chance.




they book real just a book....sent by the martiains....as a funking warning to us,.....send it to them as a book theyre most trusted data pool ....but it was the martians saying venus was about to invade us like they had done to them....they could only send the message of what would happen....it became a fiction novel until read just in time ohh switch.....terrorist tierraista

then brainwashed eveyone to think  is broadcast over the radio

see it all day long and sometimes it sucks but know what is worse. Isll the time spent dodging  stalkers . I keep a low profile except for a shoot out last year I have not cause trouble at a poker room.at some thought maybe somedayto say what's up to anyone needing me that bad as famous as I am. ten years to finally give up procrastinating.

Daniel Alexander De Gre' your master poker player & strategist responsible for the authoring of Proven-Texas-Holdem-Strategy.com. 

May 16th, 2014. Took me less that ten years to finally give up procrastinating.

for a very vibrant future I would like to enable by showing who I am I am not juis my  an author or a webdesigner/master....I am a professional poker player & here is a link to the story of how I make money playing online poker & live games.

I would love to get into details about here as a man let me just express that I give credit to the Original Creator (GOD) who has been my only boss & co-owner of all my work & business ventures. Along with my friends & family too.

This is a photo of my family member "Storm" who traveled all over the western U.S. to poker games & was my daily driver at home too. Ten years, 200,000 miles on him & not one time did has he ever failed me...truly amazing.

This is us & 10 thousand dollars....which to me and my social acquaintances is life changing. Today he is a victim of attacks meant to harm me. I am committed to save him..

GOD is my only boss!

"Thank you Almighty Creator for my success with this website & poker too. May this be a stepping stone to achieve my current goals through recognition of my ability to achieve beyond my dreams thanks to your help. Please let me help my friends."

How I learned how to play poker

While I was working as a guide to help people make large purchases I found gambling. I was young and it was the first time I had tried anything except a couple lottery scratch tickets. Once I turned twenty one I found the state run video poker lottery games. I knew right away what it was like to have the bug. Not at Texas holdem Poker though. I didn't learn poker games like texas holdem or Omaha were even available near my home. Where you could play against real people instead of video poker. I never knew it was played in casinos or a public poker room. I thought it was only something played in back rooms and kitchen tables.

The video poker got me. I would get paid on Friday. Then Monday morning I would be borrowing money for lunch. Well I came up with the brilliant idea I would quit my job to learn to gamble for a living.  I figured if I couldn't quit playing. Then I would learn to win. That's exactly what I did. 

I quit that awesome job to gamble for a living and nope not poker either. It would be a long time until I decided to learn how to play poker or even try to play poker. I dedicated 4 months of time learning about and finally accepting probability mathematics. The math part was easy. The overall deep concepts were the ones I had to hammer into my own head until they became clear. Spending hours, days and weeks trying to show myself what could and couldn't be done. Using the math on all of the concepts. I wont bore you with my math stuff

It finally clicked for me though. And one day early into my new career I found myself at a poker room located in a casino. I had been there before with my aunt while she went with me on one of my pro gambling trips. I had no idea how to play poker still I took up a dumb idea thinking I'll try this. Which was against my professional stand of obviously not wagering on something unless I knew I had an edge. And even then I needed to know poker strategy well first. Which I didn't. Well it worked out thank GOD. Not without almost losing my last dollar first though.

Three months went by as I learned how to play poker. There was 7 card stud poker still commonly played back then and holdem poker was starting to become commonly played. I slowly lost for only about 3 months because I didn't know how to play poker with discipline yet. I was also playing hands like KJ and QJ against a raise. Which is not good texas holdem poker strategy but is an understandably common mistake made by many new players while they learn poker strategy for texas holdem. I ended up quitting to take a break for a month while I thought about texas holdem strategy for a while. That was what separated me from most right away. Taking time to let the dust settle and develop strategy and look to see if there is something wrong with my poker game.

After the month of not playing poker or gambling at all. I had 166 dollars left. The rent, electricity, insurance etc. needed to be paid in a couple weeks. That was when I took the 166 to the tables trying my new strategy I had developed on my own.

With a tiny 166 dollar bankroll I made it and I never looked back. Anyhow slowly not overnight I had 2000 then months later 5000, 10,000. Which may not seem that impressive but this was all while paying the bills every month. Playing in tiny little games. The first 10 years of my career I played in no limit holdem poker games with an average buy in of about 25-500 dollars. Allot of 4/8 limit texas holdem poker. And I played many texas holdem poker tournaments too. Almost always no limit poker. With buy ins usually between 20- 200 dollars. I was successful at every one of those types of poker games. I developed my own texas holdem poker strategy for each type of texas holdem poker I played. I did read two books on poker strategy that helped me learn about poker.

During those first few years I turned my 166 dollar into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not by winning one or two big tournaments and instantly taking so called "pro" status. No, I ground it out day after day until my back hurt. So much that horse back riding felt better than poker. I usually won around 150 bucks a day playing texas holdem back then.

I was already playing online poker when it exploded. Coverage of the World Poker Tour also known as the WPT made all that happen. I played at party poker mostly. I developed and online poker strategy for the online cash games called the system. I used it at the online poker rooms only. 

I played allot of poker hands. And after a year playing I could spot poker tells using betting patterns. It just happened. I couldn't always tell what someone had but when i knew i just knew. How long they would take to re raise and how much from what position. Most people say you can't read poker players online. Maybe they cant. I could. I am actually better at reading players online than in live poker games.I never used reads much on my style of how to play texas holdem poker in live games.

But I went back to the playing poker at the live poker games in 2006 when they made it hard for USA poker players to make a deposit to the online poker rooms.

Then a couple years later. I got back to internet poker. I played at the best online poker sites at the time. Full Tilt Poker room and Absolute Poker. I quickly learned how to play poker games called sit-n-go poker tournaments. I was extremely successful. Somehow I jumped right in and rocked the games. Using a super disciplined play at the beginning. Then switching to loose and aggressive as the tournament progressed. This was my newest texas holdem poker strategy unlike any poker strategy I had previously. I wondered for a while if I was just out of control playing so wild but it turned out to be exactly what would help me win at texas holdem online poker games.

Later I reluctantly tried Poker Stars. I did not really care for the look of the poker software. I decided to play because I wanted to play poker where the best texas holdem games were. And needed to see if i was missing anything. That is one of the most important poker strategies. Knowing Where to play poker is key.

On my first deposits i always went for the largest poker deposit bonus when signing up at an online poker room. But They offered only a 100 sign up bonus matching you if depositing 100. So since I wanted to just test them out and already knew i disliked their poker software I only deposited 100. I turned that 100 into over 20,000 playing sit-n-go tournaments just like before. I did the same thing at full tilt. 

It would have been allot more around 2009 I got three different checks from the poker rooms that didn't clear my bank. I quickly had everything that I had online sent to me by bank wires. I got my money out just before what's known as Black Friday.

There were already problems I had to learn how to play poker a new way too. There were people using  poker downloads to track opponents. They would share information with each other using huge databases. I had a couple months where my profits were lower than normal before I figured it out. I quickly developed a strategy how to play poker using different screen names every so often. My profits were back to normal right away. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth though. It's supposed to be against the texas holdem poker rules to do that. One player per hand and not helping each other while at the poker tables was in violation of rules to texas holdem as far as I'm concerned. I haven't played online since.

Since then I've been playing poker at live poker rooms and games again. I spent one year learning how to play poker called Omaha. I have played it years ago in the pot limit version but didn't like it. I loved the Omaha part just never been a pot limit fan. So I found a juicy game in Vegas where they played a fixed limit version and cleaned house. Even though i was just new to that version of poker and still learning how to play poker with all new challenges. Like losing with full houses. A poker game where two pair is like having ace high in texas holdem poker. I also did some serious damage playing fixed limit Omaha hi/low split. Easily using deceptive tactics. Bluffing in the game they say is impossible to bluff at once again.

I must say learning how to play poker like omaha or omaha hi/lo split with a new type of poker strategy really helped learn poker in ways. Once I went back to playing holdem it helped me toss pocket aces when they were beat easier than before. Playing and learning other poker strategies successfully has made me now even a better player than I was before. That was a few years ago. This is posted June 20th, 2013

I never cared to learn poker strategy for pot limit of any kind. And never have. I played less than 10 hours of pot limit holdem total. That's why there is no section on how to play texas holdem pot limit poker games on this site. But I did get very hooked on spread limit games and developed a winning poker strategy for it just using the concepts that applied from limit and no limit texas hold em poker. I wont be sharing anything on it though either as that type of poker game is rare to find.

This story has been about my journey learning how to play poker. To finalize. One of the most important aspects is to learn poker I will never stop learning how to play poker. It goes on forever for all I know. I know that sounds a little funny. To say I know everything there is to know about how to play texas holdem would sound even funnier.


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