Best Texas Holdem Starting Hands

The best texas holdem starting hands are without a doubt pocket pairs. Most are winning poker hands even if they don't improve. And since these hands are already strong any improvement turns them into powerful hands, even the small pairs. Besides having strength, they are especially good for beginners. Keeping it simple is important for new players and the strategy for pocket pairs is pretty cut and dry.

Non-Paired Hands AK-AQ

Hands like AK and AQ are also strong, but quite a bit more difficult to play correctly. They are a good place to start though for a beginner learning how to play non paired starting hands.

  • There are many other good starting hands but require special skills or situations in order to be played correctly. The best advice I can give is play only hands you are comfortable with.
  • It is possible to win just playing pocket pairs and AK. I did this early on in my professional career. So I'm not just saying it, I know it's true.
  • Once someone is comfortable with pocket pairs and AK, adding a hand like AQ or KQ, AJ can open up ones game. Following this pattern all the way down to adding suited connectors like J10 and 67.

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with 4- 6 Players at the Table
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