Betting Poker Hands in Texas Holdem

This page is strategy for betting poker hands like two pair, sets, flushes, or straights. And also strong drawing hands like nut flush and straight draws. This tactic will maximize profits in common situations and add an extreme amount of deception to any game. Related pages.

Betting Strategy Pre-Flop

Betting Strategy Post Flop

Betting poker hands two pair of better with many opponents. I call this play Building a Pot & should only be used when

  • Holding a strong made hand two pair or better
  • Holding a draw of tremendous strength
  • There are multiple opponents willing to put chips in the pot
  • You will not be isolated by a player and forced to play heads up
  • There is not an ace on the flop
  • The board is not paired or threatening

Building a Pot

By betting poker hands exactly the same way whether holding a big hand or big draw. Opponents will pay off made hands more often. And provide very profitable odds on draws. You will never have to slow play a hand again using this strategy and the rewards are tremendous in comparison. Not to mention when you have a strong hand no one will get a chance to outdraw you without paying a heavy price.

Betting poker hands is like a snowball effect. The bigger the pot, the more players will call with weaker hands. The more they call, the bigger the pot gets.

The goal whether you have a big hand or big draw will be the same on the flop. To get as many players to put in as much money as possible. And get the snowball rolling with a big push.

On the Flop

Here are common scenarios that should allow you to understand this strategy for betting poker hands and apply it to any situation. By betting, raising, or just calling depending on what has happened or is anticipated to happen.

First scenario starting with AK of Spades in the big blind. Four players call and it is raised by the button. The flop is 8K10 with two spades. The correct strategy is to bet since the raiser is on the button with many players between.

We can anticipate a bet or raise by the player on the button, but it is not guaranteed. So leading with a bet is optimal and likely the button will reraise. If this happens it is best to reraise again here. You will probably lose one or two players in the middle but the others will be calling a total of three bets. With the possibility the button raising again. Now go over the scenario again only use the starting hand 88. The exact same betting strategy should be used.

For the next scenario we will use the same starting hands and position but the preflop raiser will be in early position instead of late position.

Everything will be the same except this time we will check and let the preflop raiser bet first. Likely two or more players will call. Once the action returns put in a reraise (actually a check raise) which will get called by at least one or two players in a no limit game and usually all players in a limit game. If it is raised again then reraise

If the raiser is directly to my right and the rest of the players are to my left. I would not be able to use this play. If I was on a draw I would have to just call. And if I had a strong hand I would have to decide whether to raise or just call to raise later.

You can figure out the right moves for betting poker hands in any situation with practice. Just do your best to balance the information available and come up with the best play. Your relation to any aggressor(s) and the rest of the players in the hand will be the most important.

  • Who is most likely to make the first bet on the flop?
    (usually the preflop raiser)
  • Your position in relation to this player?
  • How many other players are between you and the raiser?
  • Your position in relation to the button will only be important on the turn and river and make almost no difference on the flop for this tactic. Your position to the preflop raiser is the important aspect.

The Turn and River

Of course if you have a made hand you will want to continue with aggression on the turn and river. Even if a scare card like a third spade falls on the turn. Many players will check here, do not! You may still have the best hand and the last thing you want to do is let some bozo with the three of spades hit a flush for free if another spade falls on the river. Fire a bet and if you are raised then base your decision. But almost never just check and fold. You are much less likely to get bluffed this way. Use discretion, but remember these pots are to big to just get shy with.

If you are raised at any point on the turn or river you must decide whether to raise again, just call or possible fold. The pots will usually be large enough to draw to a full house if you have a set. But a straight or low flush should be let go if a fourth suited card were to fall.

The Turn and River with a Drawing Hand

By using this strategy on the flop you will be in a good position to bluff through the turn and river when you are on a draw in limit holdem. Betting poker hands this way will at worst will break even since the pots will be so large by the river and the risk so small that even if you are only successful one out of 10 times you will show a profit. If someone shows strength with a raise on the turn or river I do not suggest following through with a bluff.

For no limit an alternative to following through with a bet on the turn and then bluffing on the river would be to take a free card on the turn. This can only be done if you have button position or close to it. And the recommended play in no limit.

This should be done in limit and no limit if there appears to be no chance of taking this pot down with a bluff on the river and especially if there is an ace on the board. Since a huge majority of players will play any ace and go to far with it. And almost never bluff on the river if you have taken a free card on the turn.

Out of all the strategies that I have developed in my holdem career this is one of the best. I have taken down countless big pots with absolutely nothing using this play in limit holdem. And a great way to add deception in both no limit and limit.

This strategy will work best having a no-nonsense tight-aggressive image created by not playing allot of pots. I have never had to mix up my preflop game because this strategy is so hard to read. Hopefully it will help you too. Good luck and best wishes.

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