Betting Strategy for Strong Hands
One or Two Opponents Post Flop

Strong hands do not come along often so using the proper betting strategy is important to maximize winnings. There needs to be a balance, betting to much may cause opponents to fold. And betting to little could let someone outdraw you for cheap

The Flop and Turn

The correct bet size on the flop, should be just big enough to give unfavorable odds on a draw. While still being small enough to entice an opponent to reraise with a weaker hand or even bluff.

Most draws are about 20% for each betting round. So betting 25% of the pot or more is best. Two thirds to full pot size bet is best. The more you think will be called the bigger you should bet. On the turn bet even more. Make the bet size on the flop and turn big enough to have your opponent pot committed by the river if they have second best hand. And willing to bluff if they were on a draw.

The River

If you are not sure whether a player was drawing or actually has a hand, bet. If you are fairly certain they have second best hand bet as much as you think will be called on the river.

If you think they were on a draw check here to induce a bluff. Especially online where players are more aggressive. If they missed their draw they won't call a bet anyway. So this is the only way to get the rest of their money. If you're wrong and they do have a hand they'll probably bet too, so it's a good play either way.

If they do have a draw and hit. It's going to hurt since you will more than likely be pot committed. But the times they don't hit will make up for it. And in the long run you will show you a nice profit since they had incorrect odds the whole time.

Note that a strong hand means two pair or better. But if the opponent(s) is a calling station or bad player the above strategy could apply even if you hold only one pair

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