Poker Strategy for Bluffing
When and When Not To

Bluffing at the wrong time, too much or not enough are some of the most common and expensive errors Texas Holdem Poker players make. Knowing the correct move starts with the simple guidelines below.

Bluffing is Less Effective if

  • You have shown weakness at any point in a hand (and/or)
  • An opponent has shown strength. 
  • Multiple opponents see a flop like J-10-9 or 6-7-8 especially when there are two cards of the same suit present. There are too many hands that will draw here. 
  • There are two or more players in the hand and an ace is on the board. Since a huge majority of players will play any ace and go to far with it.
  • There is one or more calling station involved in the hand.
  • An opponent has a hand that is not easy to let go of. For example pocket queens or jacks.

Bluffing is More Effective if

  • You have shown strength throughout a hand (and/or)
  • Opponents have shown genuine weakness. 

The above guidelines with

  • how much is in the pot
  • how much is being risked
  • the chances of winning

Even players that use mostly feel and/or reads need to balance different factors like this. This is generally known as weighing the odds or pot odds. Texas holdem odds and strategy can be used together to play better holdem in any situation including stealing pots. Don't forget to try to manipulate your opponents into trying to steal pots when they shouldn't. And not trying to do it when they should.

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