Family Problems Playing Poker

I have seen close friends that are good players who had family problems from them playing poker. Needless to say it caused serious issues for them. Some of which were over financial reasons others were religious or moral questioning of the game. Some were both! This will cause problems for anyone trying to play well.

Those not receiving support or encouragement do to the financial strains can create a catch 22. With more support they may play better and actually win. The person sneaking off lying to their spouse or family may feel rattled and pressured. Causing there play to be lower than their best and lose.

They probably aren't receiving any encouragement because they lost in the first place. Now instead of improving they are caught in a viscous cycle of losing and being in trouble or discouraged.

Solutions to family problems from playing poker

  • Have a family poker night. So others can see it is a game of skill and not just gambling.
  • Wager only when financially appropriate. When it will not stress the family. 

For instance "Honey all the bills are paid. I put money in little Bobby's college fund. Instead of my usual hobby I want to take that money & try poker again. It is a skill game &  I have been studying hard." The spouse may say "Okay honey go get 'em." Instead of "Dammit where were you? You lost again gambling didn't you? You piece of garbage. What about your son!"

I never had this problem & surely would have failed if so. But I have failed someone close. By putting them down when they wanted to play. Maybe they would have still lost. Maybe not. I'll never know. So I have some experience with this issue.

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