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Strategies for Game & Table Selection

Game Selection is different for everyone. Some people may be looking for a challenge. Some play just for fun.For those interested in playing for profit a good game is one that offers the highest win rate, lowest swings and preferred opponents. Some prefer to play against tight players others against loose ones. That is a question you must answer yourself. Who does your strategy work best against?

As a professional I spend at least 20 minutes a day on game selection. And the rest of the time actually playing. Doing this can dramatically increase your overall profit.

Win Rate

Factors that effect win rate

  • Caliber of Opponents
  • Hands Played per hour
  • Size or Stakes of a Game
  •  Rake or Fees

Typically the win rate does not go up in proportion to the game.

In other words if a $100 NL game has a $15 per hour win rate. That doesn't mean a $200 NL game will have a $30 win rate. The higher the stakes are, the tougher the opponents typically are. Not always but most of the time. And that lowers the win rate. 

Here are free texas holdem poker tips on Calulating Win Rate.


Playing the bigger games is not always better even if it offers a better win rate. The swings may be much bigger and win rate only slightly better.
For example if there were two games to chose from in NL holdem and someone had $500 to play with.

......................The first is......The second is
win rate p/h............$15...............$20
swings p/h..............$75...............$150

The $200 offers a better win rate but the $100 game is superior since the relationship between win rate and swings are lower. This will allow more room to absorb the unavoidable bad runs of cards. Also offering less pressure and that leads to less chance of going on tilt or playing scared.

Factors that effect swings

  • Loose Opponents
  • Tight Opponents
  • Average Amount of Players Seeing the Flop
  • Hands Played per hour
  • Your Playing Style
  •  Limit or No Limit

Since I have a big enough bankroll and prefer loose wild games. I often choose a table with the loosest players, biggest win rate, and higher swings. But I never jump into a game that is too big for me. I look for the best game within the limits of my bankroll

Sometimes there are bigger games that are very juicy and could show a nice profit.
The questions that I ask myself are

  • Will it be too big for the money I have?
  • Will I play scared?
  • Will I risk going on tilt since it is bigger than I am comfortable with?

    If so the game should not be played.

Games Change

Games can change quickly. You may lose a player that was going wild. Or get new ones that slow the game down dramatically. If yours has changed for the worst, take 5 minutes to select a new table. Changing tables is easy online or in big land based card rooms. Never settle for second best

Tournament Selection

When playing tournaments you can not easily scout games with preferred opponents.
The choices for game selection are

  • Multi or Single Table
  • Rebuy
  • Bounty
  • Deep Stack
  • The Percentage Payout Structure
  • Double or nothing
  • & more

Single Table Tournaments (sit-n-go's) offer the lowest swings. 
Free texas holdem poker tips for Sit-n-go Tournament Strategy.

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