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This Free Texas Holdem Game is played against real opponents here on this site. No Download Free Poker Flash Game. Don't lose your money!

Play Bullfrog Poker

Travel to different towns & show them what you've got. Build a bankroll or get outgunned at the poker tables. Get the full version for free here.

Governor of Poker 2

I think the easiest way to learn the basics is play free Texas Holdem games. I have advocated many times to play for fun only. This is how as a pro I have enjoyed the game the most. Some of the funnest games I ever played in were with my friends and family and never involved money.

Often they would suggest we wager something small to make it more interesting and I would refuse. Due to the simple fact I wanted to actually enjoy myself for once with the game. And also due to not wanting to take any money from them. As i clearly had the upper hand.

I would however thoroughly enjoy being able to whip them and enable them to possibly win against me. And have bragging rights they beat a pro. Just having fun with the game was huge for me. It's the way I believe the game should be played. For fun only with no money involved. 

Why I Support Free Texas Holdem Poker Games Online

Throughout my career as a professional Texas holdem poker player I have often been asked how I did it. Finding myself questioned about winning strategies and techniques. I have always finished every conversation with "I do not recommend trying to play poker for real money" Because the truth is most people lose. I estimate 90% or more at the commonly played middle and lower stakes. Only the best of the best make any money there. And that is the simple truth to it.

Not because they aren't skilled enough but because of the house take involved in any real money poker game. Either done through paid time requirements, rake, drop, tournament fees or door entry fees. Therefore invoking an overall negative expectation for the game. Even the above above average players cannot usually overcome this negative expectation enough to show a profit. They would be very fortunate to break even.

Not to mention now days there are allot of people cheating at the real money games. Accessing huge shared databases that track every hand you have ever played. They cannot see your cards. But the program will tell them what you likely have. So if you play poker online play for free. This is why I am heavily endorsing Free Texas holdem poker.

Plus it is a game that should be able to be played like any other game of skill. With or without wagering involved. I try very hard in games even in games where I am not wagering. Games like Golf all the way to Video Games. I enjoy them way more than I ever did playing Texas holdem for money.

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