Important Hold em Advice on Position
that you don't hear about

You can hear the same hold em advice all over T.V. and the internet. Being closest to the button is best... and so on. What you don't hear is that everything changes if there is a preflop raiser! This is super important!

Take a look at this example.

It's preflop, I have the button with AK and two players call in early position. Then a player to my right raises. I call and so do the two other players in early position. The flop is 9 9 A, everyone checks to the raiser and he bets.

I'm next to act and in a tough spot. I can call the raiser with confidence, but what about all the players behind me? What are they going to do? And I'm not going to just be in this spot here but on the turn and river too. Even with the button I'm in terrible position here.

This would also be a poor position if I had a hand like 910 since I would not be able to extract the maximum value.

So having the button when there has been a raise preflop is not always the best position. It is if there is no preflop raiser or I'm heads up with the raiser, but not multiway.

The best position is getting to see what other players do first before having to act. This can be done with or without the button if you have the raiser in the right spot.

Understanding this hold em advice and using it to the fullest is part of many sections of no limit and limit strategy on this website. Tips for getting free information with marginal hands, maximum value on strong hands, playing draws profitably, and more.
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One good example of the advice on this page is if there is a maniac at the table (someone who raises every hand). Having him in the right spot compared to where you are seated is like having the button all day long! I have used this strategy over and over throughout the years. Having good position to a maniac has made the difference of having a good day or a record day for me many times over.
For more on this go to Profitable Strategy with a Maniac at the Table

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