Weaknesses of Texas Holdem Aces 

Some people wonder why they lose with pocket Aces so often. Besides the chance that they misplayed them, in texas holdem Aces have a weakness not commonly known. So do other powerful hands with an Ace in them, which will be discussed.

Some of you may already know that in other poker games like hi/lo split games or just lowball games where the ace can be played having a value below the 2 . It can in holdem too. But in the hi/lo games playing the ace as a low is very powerful. The winner being the player with the lowest hand.

Also unlike some other poker games holdem uses community cards. And unless the community cards are paired (A99) all flops with an Ace hold some kind of straight draw or even worse a made straight possibility. So if pocket aces make three of a kind they are going to be vulnerable.

This is also true for hands like AK, AJ or any hand with an ace that makes a pair of aces on the flop. Here are some examples of flops.

AK9 - a Q,J or 10 could make someone a straight.
A29 - a 3,4,5 could make someone a straight.

Or even worse, a flop with both!!
AK2 - now a Q,J,10,3,4 or 5 could make someone a straight!

AJ10 - someone already has a straight with KQ.
A23 - someone already has a straight with 54.

This is always the case when an Ace is on the flop and the board is not paired. Since so many people try be tricky and slow-play three aces or just a pair of them and give free cards. They often find their hand being beat by a weak hand making a straight.

Another downfall of pocket Aces say compared to Kings. Is that since two of the aces are gone from the deck, there will be less chance of someone holding a big ace, AK or AQ for example. These are often the types of hands that will give action. And even if there is someone with AK or AQ they are not likely to make a pair of aces on the flop since there is only one ace left in the deck. This can limit the amount of action aces get and is therefore a downfall.

 Weaknesses of Connecting Cards

The same type of principles apply to all texas holdem starting hands that are connected or semi-connected without an ace. Like KQ, KJ, QJ all the way down to hands like 76 and 54. When they maketwo pair they are vulnerable and should not be slow played. 
For more on this see the Section on Connected Hands.

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