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Weaknesses of Connected Hands

Any starting hand that is connected or semi-connected, like KQ, KJ, QJ all the way down to hands like 76 and 53 have a vulnerability. Besides not being premium starting hands, anytime these hands make two pair using both hole cards there will also be a straight draw or straight already possible. Two pair with these hands should never be slowplayed if there are multiple opponents.

Although not commonly referred as one. Ace King is technically a connector. In the above case it is a suited connector.

With QJ for example a flop like QJ3 an A,K,10,9,or 8 could make someone a straight. Or even worse a flop like QJ9 someone may already have a straight.

The closer the two cards are in rank, the more straight draws will be possible when two pair are made. For example two pair with 98 will provide more straight draw possibilities than two pair with 97 or 96 etc.

Small Connectors 

The smaller connectors like 76 and 54 have another vulnerability if they make two pair. The possibility that the two pair can be counterfeited. This happens when the original two pair are not used since there is a pair on the board.

An example, holding 76 and the flop is 76K. Then another King hits on the turn (76KK). This can either give someone three Kings or someone with a pocket pair like 99 two bigger pair (99 and KK). The player with 76 has
77 and KK.

This is why I recommend new players only play premium texas holdem starting hands, pocket pairs and big suited connectors AK, AQ.

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