Texas Holdem Starting Hands
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Premium AA-QQ

The best texas holdem starting hands are AA, KK and QQ. They are easy to play for the most part will often win without improvement. Any action they get should be welcome since it is often possible to double or triple up your entire chip stack with them.

They do lose sometimes though and can become difficult to play correctly with many opponents. The key is, if someone wants to play against you great! Just make them pay as much as possible, especially before the flop.

Besides this the only weakness KK and QQ really have is that an over card like an Ace can hit. It is unlikely that this will happen, but when it does they shrink up in strength.

Middle JJ-88

These pocket pairs are not as simple to play as the big or small pairs. Although these hands are also very strong they often need improvement to win. Especially when there are multiple opponents.

The value of these hands is that they are flexible and can be played in most situations. They can also be played strongly or more conservatively and neither is wrong.

These hands play well if they make a set (three of a kind). Or the flop is all under cards. For example 732 when holding 99.

As with the big pairs they lose value when an over card hits. And since there are more cards this is going to happen most of the time.

Small 77-22

These holdem starting hands have a special place because of their simplicity. Unlike pocket Jacks or Tens, usually a person is not going to get attached to 77-22. The hand can easily be folded if it doesn't improve to three of a kind on the flop. Which should be the goal in most situations. Once they do are of tremendous strength and value.

Playing these hands strongly before the flop is not advised. Since these hands are a coin flip with big cards like AK- AJ. And against a bigger pair they are in allot of trouble.

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