Holdem Variations and Betting Structures

The most common Holdem variations are tournaments and cash games

Holdem Cash Games                                                                                                                                   Cash games are played with chips that have monetary value, cash or both. The stakes do not change during the game. And you can sit down or leave at anytime with your winnings.

Holdem Tournaments
Tournament style is where everyone starts with the same amount of chips. And the stakes of the game increase over time. Until only one player has all the chips.

The two most common holdem betting structures are No Limit and Limit.

No Limit
You can bet any amount you have on the table or the minimum preset bet

Limit Holdem
The bet amounts are preset.

Other less commonly used betting structures.

Spread Limit Holdem
Bets are between 2 preset amounts.

Pot Limit Holdem
Bets are between the preset minimum or total amount of the pot.

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