Limit Texas Holdem Poker Games

Limit Texas Holdem Poker is a very relaxing yet fun version of the game. You are never at risk of being raised for all you chips at once. And for a beginner it is the best way to learn Texas Holdem.

If you make a mistake which will happen to anyone pro or beginner. It won't cost you more than a couple small bets compared to no-limit Texas holdem poker. Also some people may prefer limit holdem so some cocky kid isn't annoying them with all in moves. The annoying part is when they try to look just like the pro on TV even doing the same facial expressions. Believe me I know all about it.

I'll admit though if there is no money involved and you are just playing just for fun it will be rather boring. Some times you get a silly player or players. Who are raising all the time and it takes forever to complete the betting. Because four bets can be made on each of the betting rounds during the game. Bets are fixed in the following fashion. 10 pre-flop & post flop. Then the bets on the turn and river are 20. They could be any amount I am just showing that they typically are double on the turn and river. And they always remain the same. Unless it is a limit texas holdem poker tournament. Then the bets with still be fixed or structured but will increase as time passes.

As a professional though I enjoy the betting structure the most out of all types of texas holdem. Unless I have someone at the table who is causing me problems then I prefer no-limit so I can barbecue them.

Maybe they are trying to steal my blinds. In limit holdem it is harder to bully them off a hand. And it makes bluffing players allot harder. It can be done believe me. Some of the best most profitable bluffs I have ever made are in limit poker games and mostly in texas holdem.

The great thing about it is if I get caught it is usually only one bet. I have raised players three times doing this when they tried to raise me figuring they were trying to steal from me. And I stole right back again winning this way many times. So there is still allot of poker that can be played in the game.

Every type of tactic that can be used in other games can be done in the limit version also. Your are welcome to check out limit texas holdem poker strategy . This site is dedicated to helping you find the game and strategy that is right for you. If you are playing for real money in a casino. Limit holdem is definitely at the top of my list to recommend. I can be off daydreaming about when I get off work and don't have to watch every single move my opponents make. It can be played in both cash game form or tournament form.

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