No Limit Holdem Tournament Strategy

No Limit Holdem Tournament Strategy for Sit-n-Go's is to play extremely tight at the beginning and extremely loose towards the end. To better understand how to do this let's take a look at why first.

Early Stages

Early in the tournament some players are almost impossible to bluff or outplay. Since they are desperate to get chips they will often gamble when they shouldn't. Also it is hard to outplay someone who does not know how to play anyway. These are the type of players that will often be involved in many hands early on. And the first to be knocked out of the tournament.

Also by playing tight you avoid marginal situations early in the tournament. This will ensure your survival to middle or late stages. The correct strategy is to either maintain most of your starting chips or have doubled up once the tournament is to the middle stage. Where you need to have chips in order to push and steal. You cannot threaten anyone when you are short stacked!

Middle Stages

During the middle stages of a sit-n-go there is less chance to run into a strong hand now since there are fewer players (5-7)and fewer hands. Also most players by this point will have noticed that you have not played many hands and will give much more credit for a big hand. So now it is possible to start building a chip stack or just maintaining a healthy stack by stealing a blind here and there. Even without a good hand.

Late Stages

In late stages, once it is down to 4 or 5 players it is really time to let loose and start stealing anytime possible. Players are often less likely to gamble or risk chips now since they are want to get in the money. And there is much less chance someone has a big hand to play. The blinds are typically so big that stealing just a few times will build your chip stack very fast.

By the time your opponents realize what is going on it's too late. You either have a very big chip stack or are the chip leader. And if you do get confronted, oh well. You will be gambling with the chips you have stole from them! So it is a freeroll! They'll get knocked out of the tournament if they lose, not you!

If you win, you now have most of the chips in play and are in good shape to take first place. If you lose you will typically still have chips. And since everyone saw the hand you raised with, they will think twice about stealing your blind since you appear loose and reckless. Plus you will get much more action if you do pick up a monster hand now. So it works out either way.

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This is not just theory. I used to play over 500 of these tournaments a month using this No Limit Holdem Tournament Strategy and won consistently. Some days I lost of course but overall showed a very nice profit. S.T.T.s also have the lowest swings compared to all the holdem games I have ever played. Sit-n-go's are also known as single table tournaments or S.T.T.

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