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for QQ and JJ preflop

The best no limit texas holdem tip for QQ and JJ is to raise enough so that your opponent is not getting proper odds to outflop you with a hand like 66, while not putting yourself in a bad position if an overcard were to hit. This is even more important with JJ since there is more of a chance this will happen.

Note with any pocket pair, it is always much more dangerous if an Ace hits the flop than any other overcard. Since players will often play any Ace.

There are allot of catch 22 situations in holdem, especially with pocket Queens and Jacks. Raising too much is wrong and raising too little is also wrong. Using the perfect balance takes practice and discipline.

Here's an example of what not to do. Say I am short stacked at a $200 nl game with $100. I hold QQ and raise to $35 preflop and get two callers. I will be pot committing myself with a continuation bet on the flop if an Ace or King hits, not a good spot. And checking here is no good either.
This is all because of the preflop bet size.

If I had just gone all in preflop this would also be wrong since I will likely only be called by AA,KK or AK depending on the opponents.

What to do

If I were to go all-in with QQ against a steal raise this would be correct. Or if someone had raised the pot with many callers, all-in would be okay since there is a decent pot already worth risking it for. Putting it all-in preflop also goes up in value if I will be out of position after the flop (playing out of the blind or in early position).

Finding a good spot to get it all in with Queens or Jacks is not easy. If going all-in is not the right play the secret is to charge opponents just enough to where they will call with a weaker hand, without giving them the right price. And leaving yourself enough room to be able to get away from the hand if it becomes second best or already is.

Folding QQ or JJ preflop

There is nothing wrong with seeing a flop for the right amount if you suspect you may be behind in order to flop a set. But avoid a big confrontation especially if it is two solid players raising and reraising each other preflop. This is usually a sign that one of them has AA or KK.

This should not happen often but when it does being able to fold QQ or JJ preflop is one way to know you've moved up in the ranks, only a good player can do this.

Another time to fold them would be if a solid player has reraised you an amount typical for AA or KK. The no limit texas holdem tip section for reading hands and tells has typical betting patterns for someone who holds pocket Aces or Kings.

You hear allot of players gripe about how much they dislike JJ. But over the years I have seen more players misplay QQ than any other pair.
JJ might be tough also, but it's a bit more versatile and easy to let go of than QQ.

This no limit texas holdem tip applies to all pocket pairs QQ and down. Knowing when to let them go is a must for no limit holdem strategy.

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