No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

No limit texas holdem poker is by far the most exciting of all texas holdem games. Especially the tournament version. The cash game version is also a thrill. True no limit holdem cash games are where someone can buy in for any amount, no maximum. Then bet as much as they have in front of them on the poker table. 

That was common back when I first started playing. I would buy in for 200-1000 dollars. Which was a big no limit game at the time. People would come up though and flop 10,000 dollars on the same table sometimes. And that was totally within the rules. Times have changed a little since then. Now it is a very standard rule in no limit Texas Holdem to be restricted on how many poker chips a player can buy.

The maximum amount is usually set at 100 times the big blind. And the minimum can vary widely but usually about 10-20 times the big blind. There is still no limit on the amount that can be bet. Players can often double, triple or accumulate ten times the maximum buy-in by busting other players or just taking down pots very quickly and all the acquired chips will be able to be bet at once with no limit.

No limit has allot of advantages over other betting structures like limit texas holdem. You can really put opponents to the test. Bluff with power or snap someone for all their chips in one stroke. But the opposite can also happen. A player can be all in with the best hand and get killed if his opponent catches that lucky card.

I have played alot of limit poker and no limit poker. One of the most common things I hear from the crybabies at the limit games is " that would have never happened in a no limit poker game" "I would have been able to bet him out of the pot". I try not to say anything. But if I do I just say "you obviously haven't played much no limit".

I have played for years and seen the same types of bad beats can happen in texas holdem poker games no matter what the rules are. In no limit it happens less but hurts way worse. People going on tilt happens in all the poker games I have ever played though.

Allot of the time it is a gradual process of losing many hands throughout the session or time gone by. In no limit holdem however one bad beat can set someone off for all their chips. Over and over just going all in sometimes without even looking at their cards. So frustrated that can't even play as good as a two year old. That is no limit for you.

Other benefits and dangerous mistakes to avoid can be explained even more in the no limit texas holdem poker strategy section of this site when your ready.

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