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Online Poker Bankroll Management tips specific to internet poker funds. A simple trick I have used for years that really helped avoid any problems online is to have two different checking accounts located in two completely unrelated banking institutions. And when moving money between the two I will do so in person not via electronic bank transfers of any type.

  • The first is for the big bankroll from which I payed bills or deposited capital to save. This is the one to keep safest from ever giving out the bank account numbers for except to bank personnel I work the transaction with physically at the bank.
  • The secondary is for any type transaction that could be vulnerable if my security was compromised. This account number is the one that takes all the needed risk online. Keeping only the necessary funds in to maintain my poker gambling business is all I need. Think of this account and the money in it as disposable in case of such an instance as being compromised or hacked in some way.
  • Whenever I cash out the money goes into the secondary account. Then I physically withdraw it and take it to the primary. Over and over again. Oh what a beautiful thing gambling can be sometimes.

Important Online Bankroll Tip

This is especially a great idea if you have trouble controlling your poker bankroll from eating up personal money needed for bills or savings during a losing streak. Having limited access to all available funds is one of the biggest pieces of advice I could give on this subject. Especially true for long term gamblers. It is all too easy to wipe out a healthy bankroll on tilt in just a few hours as many out there including me have learned the hard way.

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