Online Poker Bots!

Imagine an opponent who has the training of a top professional poker player. Along with the ability to do thousands of mathematical calculations per minute or even second.

Never makes a mistake, never gets tired, never gets scared, mad or even shy. Doesn't forget or get cocky & will not go on tilt, even once in it's life. This is what you got when you teach a computer to play. A machine that could easily be disguised as a human poker player at the online poker rooms gaming tables. That was one of the biggest problems is you could not know who or what you might be playing back then and still don't. That why you keep records of winning or losing. I will play a bot all day every day if I am winning. I always was making money playing online poker games so I never worried to much about it. And when I did the online poker strategy I used was to play in sit-n-go tournaments instead of the cash games where they started. The good thing about a poker tournament is that it's changing alot making it harder to program a bot that would be capable of infiltrating. Well that changed too. Now I think they have online poker robot software that can play even games like Omaha hi/lo split.

It was around 2003 and I was watching the Chess world championship games. And it was the human champion defending his title against a computer.This was just before the massive online poker explosion after Chris Money Maker's legendary win of the w.s.o.p. main event. 

Later I chatted with my friend about how we could do it. Make a program to play poker with the aid of a software programmer or two. Well somehow it seemed wrong at the time. So that was the end of it.

In all reality teaching a computer to play play poker is nothing less than cool to me. It was the way that they were being used that was the only problem.

Playing poker bots sounds awesome like for fun or as a challenge. But why on earth would anyone want to play a possibly superior adversary for money. Day after day....Well not to say they were all super bots. Any decent bot however would become a massive threat once incorporated in with player data tracking software too. That poker tracking software later to be abused also exploded onto the scene around the same time.

There are still tons of bots out there today. Most of which are not doing the damage at one point that was being done. Nobody has good info on how many there actually were or still are. They were for sale often enough. Probably because the poker rooms were busting the owners of the poker bots and why not just sell the software and make money that way.

One of the tell tale signs of a bot was the ultra aggressive poker bepotting when a pot became heads up. Wow even me on super tilt once was just barely a match for what I later suspected was a bot on a short handed game. 

Well anyway the online poker rooms consider them cheating or illegal software that would give it's user an advantage unworthy of poker. Today as I write this computers are flying planes and driving cars! Awesome...hopefully someday something cool can come out of the poker bot epidemic. Like a champion poker bot that is known not covertly inserted as a poker scheme or cheating. An out in the open noble battle like the chess championship of the world of days past.

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