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Online Poker cheating software commonly used today

Note About Poker These Poker Software Programs

They are the source of the major cheating plagues. How they happened & how they are still being countered to this day.

Notice these poker software programs are nothing naughty whatsoever. They are being used in ways that are total no-nos though. There is nothing wrong with a computer program that can play kick ass poker. It is wrong though when it is snuck in to play for someone. Playing against someone who is only willing to play another human stuck fighting the bot. That is like anything though. If there is a way something can be misused it often happens. A car is a good invention, just cause someone used them to run over nuns doesn't change the car into a bad thing. Just misused like the software programs above.

Advanced Online Poker Strategy & Tips
Technology of Internet Gambling

  • Strategic online poker maneuvers & thinking formulas are necessary to thwart linked up game schemers & online poker cheats. Who using the technology of internet gambling will find ways to obtain any angleSo it's indispensable for any online game player to use their ability to predict what is about to happen using whatever information is available. Thinking ahead of the rest is optimum for survival more than ever.
  • This applies heavily to internet poker where technology & trends are constantly changing. And assailants are often outside jurisdiction enforceable by any laws. Along with new rules which are often not clear or enforceable.
  • So chief points are that when playing computer games people can cheat with new technologies. Be aware of them. Use predictive analysis techniques to gauge what is likely to occur & respond before it happens. The most important part of a good Online poker strategy is to add this to the game plans of this section listed above & find the move to make before you get hit.
  • Another action plan to remember is if something consistent begins to change online it is time to stop & take a look around more than you would in a live game. I always look at my own poker abilities too. If I cannot detect the true reason it is best to change the ground I stand on or add a new variable & continue observing results.

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