My Online Poker System

Since the very first days of online poker I developed an online poker system, an extremely easy poker strategy! It worked like a charm and I used it for three years straight. I never had a losing month using it. So whether you want to use the strategy exactly how I did or apply it to your style. The basic idea can be used any way you want. And with any poker cash game. I will describe it exactly how I used it for no limit texas holdem cash games. I named and still refer to my strategy as "The System".

I also have an Online Poker System for Tournaments

The System

This internet poker strategy was to switch tables frequently and be extremely selective and aggressive with starting hands. In a typical live game you can not get away with playing tight all the time since nobody is going to give you action. But online you can switch tables allot and no one will know you from the next guy. This allowed me to get allot of action even though I was playing only the very best hands AA-1010 and AK.

I used to change tables every two or three rounds of the blinds and always had four tables going. Since I was playing only premium hands I was not overwhelmed with decisions. My time was spent folding, going all in and changing tables for the most part.

A key part of my online poker system was to do a short buy. Then wait for pocket pairs AA - 1010, AK and sometimes AQ. And either go all in or sometimes limp in from early position and then go all in if there was a raise, and usually there was. I never had to defend or steal blinds, never played AJ or lower and always made money. This was with 9 or 10 handed games on the internet which was all there were at the time. It can still be used with the now popular the 6 player games just add more lower ranking hands to the strategy. Like 99-77 AJ & KQ.

Going All-in

This online poker system works extremely well for hands AA- 1010 and AK. Since with a short stack I could usually get it all in preflop and called 2 out of 3 times. And if everyone did fold the pot would be decent since players had originally called and then folded to my raise.

When people saw my short stack going all in they did not feel the pressure they would if I had a big stack. And would therefore give me action. If I had raised the same amount but with a big stack players know they will be risking their entire stack and shy away from the pressure. This is the benefit of the short stack they come after you, and if your holding AA through AK that's exactly what you want.

Just Calling

Sometimes I would come in with a small pocket pair if I could see a cheap flop or get the right odds on it. With the intention of making a set or folding if I missed the flop. And would see a flop especially if I had doubled up before it was time to leave the table. Since I would be getting good odds if I flopped a set. Same thing with hands like QJ

This online poker system will not work well for drawing hands like suited connectors like 98 or QJ. Since you really need to get a hand paid off big when you make it. And buying in with a short stack will lower the amount you can win. If you have doubled up them you can add these hands otherwise toss them.

Never Get Bluffed Again

Another benefit to using this style of play is that you cannot be bluffed with JJ when an ace hits the river. Or when AK misses the flop. You don't have to worry about being bluffed period! There is no play they can make against you. It's like their hands are tied. My online poker system gives anyone using it complete control.

I would advise anyone that is a beginner to use this strategy for online poker. Since you don't have to get tricky or fancy it makes the game much easier to play. Just play the best hands and switch tables every few minutes.

The tactic of changing tables works best at the bigger online poker rooms. Since they are bigger there is less chance of running into the same opponents. Also there are more tables and no waiting for the next table. Or you can switch stakes or even have multiple accounts at different poker rooms and change which poker site you are playing at every time you run out of tables that someone will recognize you at.

There are advantages to not changing tables but your opponents will have the exact same advantage. That's being able to watch for betting patterns and who is who.

With practice you can spot betting patterns that are common in poker no matter who it is. There is a rhythm to the game that most players follow and can be spotted over time, even when changing tables.


I used The System back in 2003 to 2006. Note that this system or any good strategy will not work as well in cash games today if you cannot change your screen name once in a while. Due to all the player tracking software that is available now days. And is ruining the online poker games that are for real money.

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