Important Poker Authors

There may be millions out there with something great to say & write about poker (winning at poker). This is a list of those that were heard by many though. Hitting the games with truth that once seen can destroy anyones fun idea that poker is luck.

The material in these book changed the poker world, especially for me. It was the first book of two total books I would ever read about Poker as of 2015.

Material is advanced & fundamental as part of poker strategy today (2015). Fundamentals that are commonly known in the poker communities today but were beyond the front of the class upon their printing. None of my poker strategies may have ever been if not for these titles.

I developed my first ever poker strategy based on some basic math, my mind & the Texas Hold'em Poker Starting Hand Ranking the authors published in Texas Hold'em for Advanced Players.

The pages literally taken out of the books are about 4 or 5 and some of the info they shared spread out along the way with that of many other authors...many whom will have to go unknown for now as far as being referenced here.

These 3 books which I read after winning truckloads at Texas Holdem gave me solid. tricky, smooth advice that I used well. At the same time totally rocked my game and turned it into at times like riding a rodeo. Where I am the rodeo animal & rider too!

Notably some of the foundation for me was to find the insights they shared and add it to my already well focused strategy that would win. They followed up with mind blowing concepts to me that however simple to learn & understand later. Are dangwell hard to be the first to find. Think about and expand on. All while dealing with the bouts of lunacy that can be found in the ocean of emotion poker tides do to us. Yet alone on top of this deliver the writing in ways that even beginners can learn from. Deep & simple too where the tools I put in my belt from Mason Malmuth & David Sklansky for the insights that as one of only two books on Texas Holdem I have ever read. One of the very few books I ever read period gave me the foundation to use fresh into the game my first year or two. There well noted authors without their also well respected website & forum founded around the time their books & internet met. One of the first poker instructional websites ever.

I could not even begin to go into talking about poker strategy without including the dozen or so fundemental concepts disscussed by them. These pages here on I included here are on playing draws differently depending on factors pointed out by them. Also one of the first real starting hand guides for limit holdem was ever so usefull back then as one of the only I had ever seen in text. The concepts they taught me are

  • Semi-bluffing
  • The Free Card
  • Playing a draw general
  • Drawing when the Board is Paired

Doyle Brunson

The concept related to the gaps of connected hands and how many straights they make was learned by me when I read Doyle Bruson's wonderful book "Super System" which I highly recommend. All credit on that idea plus the insight on Jack-10 was from that book. It is better discussed by him in his book along with some killer stuff that blew my mind. A concept that at first defies logic. Now days common tactics are what Doyle did as only one of a handfull to make his own road. Also to be critizided and taunted as just lucky time after time taking home the money on the table.. Thanks Doyle for letting me buy your book. Check it out people. You can read some of it free on amazon below.

I was already a consistent winner when I chose to read Doyle Brunson's Poker book Super System. His system was like nothing I ever thought of. And believe me I played super aggressive. All in or nothing was usually my strategy pre-flop with some limping in constantly. But if anyone raised I just when all in if I had anything above a pair of nines. Well it was more than all that and was a devastating style I had. Then when I read how Doyle played it changed me forever.

Back in the old days not everyone played like today. There wasnt as much messing around. And Doyle would just run over everyone. Man I'm glad he never got me. He was a big influence on my game. I still continued to play my way as I admit I cannot play his style. But I did add a few of his moves to mine. And developed many new ones I didn't have before seeing how he saw poker. 

It's all revealed these days in his book back when it came out in the old days it costed over 100 usd and that was allot of money then compared  to now. That's still the most expensive of all poker books I've ever heard of. Now days it costs allot less I think around $20 bucks. I wont go into his strategies as that would be considered plagiarism. But I can tell you he talks about great things. One topic is how to be free-rolling with aggressive play. And I'm not talking about free-roll tournaments. Nor do I mean when two people have the same hand AK vs AK and one flops a flush draw and hence is free rolling....nope. I'm talking about the way Doyle did it making it happen himself all fair and square as can be.

Doyle taught me also to always be a gentleman at the table. Stand for integrity and honesty when dealing with poker. This has always kept me welcome in some of the poker games I know of. And well liked as far as I know. Well I was always invited and it wasn't because i was making donations to the poker game. He doesn't talk much about poker rules other than that but here are some Poker Books on Rules if your interested.

Other players really enjoy playing against me as I build big pots. It gives them the entertainment they want. And let's them have a chance to book a win at poker even if there stuck. And nail me in the process. And I wasn't giving my money away for charity or cause I'm generous. I was doing it because I always had the right pot odds. And would sometimes take down huge pots with nothing if I missed big draws. Bluffing successfully even in the loosest California poker games using my devastating poker strategy for limit holdem I developed. That sounded just like as if Doyle was speaking this last paragraph. Almost exactly actually. Well the sound advice I give comes from about three fully read books on poker gambling. And about five on blackjack & video poker.

All three use monte carlo simulations in them like beat the dealer by edward thorpe I think. The BJ books were by stanford wong. Mamulths book on gambling statistics probabilities which I referenced about 800 times even though I disagreed with some of the math and the rest was like chinese to me. Even the terms lost me sometimes. Ofcourse poker there is Super system by doyle avanced poker holdem by malmuth and         along with the gamblers bible which was the first and best gambling book i ever read that turned me and two other compulsive gamblers into tammed animals. I taught them what i learned and would not loan money to one until they read just a chapter or two that is how strong it was. Type W & L games. To me that is a key to gambling for a living .

Daniel De Gre'

Sole Human Author of so far.

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