Poker Book Reviews

I feel it best that I present to you Poker Book Reviews from other authors & real readers. In order to deliver unbiased criticism & appraisals. As well researched poker book evaluations & commentary.

Not only would it be unfair to judge the poker literature of other writers myself. I would also feel unworthy due to the fact I am an Associate of Amazon. By far the biggest online book retailer of today of my home country the United States of America. 

It would also be incomplete as there is no way I would be able to accurately read all the poker books out there & continue to build this website. Along with the many other zealous endeavors I pursue or long to.

Online Poker Book Guide & Poker Bookstore

I am more than capable however of presenting to you formatted reviews from real readers along with pricing on many different formats in an easy to use bookstore provided to me by Amazon.

The most popular poker books to date. Free to expensive short to long. I will only put up the most relevant search results for each section of this poker book review & online poker bookstore.

Enjoy yourself & relax with a preview of any available books here. Poker author informal takes which I will gladly write myself will be coming soon too. Those I can write myself ofcourse mine included. A poker book store made just for you my readers.

Just don't forget about me!

Daniel Alexander De Gre'

Author of Proven Texas Holdem Strategy.