Poker Chips

Using the correct poker chips is one of the most important elements to set the mood of poker night. As a professional I have heard from many poker players that one of the funnest parts of playing poker are handling the chips. The way they feel in a persons hand is gonna set the feel of the game more than anything else. Poker rooms know this and is why they put allot of emphasis on their chips. The right ones makes it easier to put out the correct bet size. Will be less likely they will be knocked over or spilled if someone acidently bumps the table or brushes a stack with their hand.

You want your players to be able to enoy themselves, stay longer and focus on poker not having problems with the chips. The most important of all factors is going to be the weight. The two other main considerations are having the right amount of chips for your game & having enough of each chip value.

For tournaments you want an assortment of chip values as the blinds will be going up. For cash games you will mostly want all the same chip values.From my experience all poker rooms use the same weight 10g. And is the one I recommend for the best overall feel.

The poker chips sets below come with the appropriate amount of each valued chip. You just need to decide how many total chips is right for your game

You always want big pots. And if you are using chips with high values the pot will look small in size even though there is the same amount. For example 50 dollars in a pot using $1 chips will contain 50 chips. But using $5 chips there will be only 10. Bigger looking pots create more action. This is why as far as poker games go casinos use $1 chips not $4 chips in a game where the bets are $4 & $8. The opposite is true at the black jack and other games. They want you to use higher valued chips so you will bet bigger.

Besides people complaining about losing the second most common complaints I have heard are about poker tables. Being the wrong size or shape for comfort and ease of handling the cards & chips. 

The best poker supplies in the world are gonna be useless without knowing how to dominate the game. All advice is from a professional.

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