How to Keep a Poker Edge

Besides the many topics covered throughout this website on gaining a poker edge in different situations. I want to talk specifically on how not to lose an advantage play or gain one based on the buy in. I have developed strategies that give me an advantage with different size buy-ins. Namely at the no-limit games which is my online poker system. But I have seen many people lose advantages short buy ins. Because their poker strategy was effected negatively.

They were barely able to win or break even before. Now with less chips to play with they were having to pass on certain hands or draws which were advantage plays for them. Although there were a few advantages to having the shorter buy in they were not enough to compensate the losses.This made there game an overall loser because of it. Needless to say I watched them do it over and over again.

This was not because this was there preferred style of play. It was simply due to not having enough money. Maybe they paid the bills and only had just enough money to play with and buy in short. Or thought they would do better buying in 3 or 4 short buys instead of just one normal buy-in.

Besides not being able to play optimally they have another problem. They are going to be negatively effected by the pressure. Causing them to play scared, desperate, or both. The best strategy even though hard to do would be to wait until a player has enough of a bankroll by saving up over time. And not play until it is big enough.

This still could have it's disadvantages as someone could be worried about losing a now larger sum of money as opposed to only a little bit. Just know what is right for you and apply that as we are all different and face many different circumstances in life. Just be aware whether or not you will be losing an edge due to negative changes in your strategy not caused by stress. There may be no way to avoid the stress for people with low bankrolls. But it is possible to avoid buy-ins that will effect how you can play certain hands. Draw, bluff, protect or get value for a hand. If there are too many do not consistently repeat doing it as a way to build up a bankroll. You would be just as well of rolling the dice somewhere trying to build it up.

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