Online Poker Player Tracking Software

While some types of poker tracking software programs are okay to use some are considered cheating at online poker to use them.

A Colossal Epidemic of Collusion

The first month I did not show a significant profit playing online poker made me weary. I hadn't lost or even broke even for an entire month since I turned pro. I continued onward though. Then a couple months later I figured something had to be wrong. I got a few emails along with deposits put into my poker account. The emails stated that the anti-cheating team of one of the online poker rooms where I played had caught some groups engaged in old school style colluding & I was one of the victims.

That was not the problem though & I never thought twice about it. I expected it to happen as much as I played. It was normal stuff. I thought allot as I approached five months with no income. One month was weird so five was time to really stop any thoughts of it being a bad run.

So after five months I decided to set up a new accounts under a new name. Bought a couple new computers & put the money online with wire transfers. That month I won seven grand playing the same online poker games I always did. Which were 20 to 50 dollar single table sit-n-go tournaments.

How It Was Done

Thousands of poker players were being tracked by a large group of seemingly normal opponents that were using computer software for collecting data on players. Software that recorded every detail of every hand played by their opponents.

They shared computer data & gained a huge advantage over anyone not pooling too. The software would download records of whoever they had played against into a central data analysis pool & piece together detailed profiles of anyone playing against them.

This along with cheating software that helps decide what the best move is at any moment of the game was used by some too in conjunction with the above. This was an effort-ed collaboration of countless nonrelated individuals involved in collusion using technical means. The largest group of colluders ever I estimate to be in the tens of thousands. 

I had used a new name to do undermine exactly what I suspected was going on. I had asked the poker rooms to let me change my screen names. They refused however as it was the policy then & there. Not anymore though.

Now just like me changing my name the smart poker rooms are not even letting anyone keep a name. You get a new random number generated & assigned each time you sit down to play. So that slows it down at least for those playing in those poker rooms. Implementing this type of technique is all that can be done for now.

I managed to avoid a long trip down loser lane because of the investigations I did looking into certain very legal & reputable record keeping software. Software that helped keep track of only my own data & nobody else's. I used it two days or so then gave up as it was way to technical. And my handwritten records kept track of my dollar per hour averages which was good enough. But seeing that legit software made me think hey what if someone was using a similar item to track me. Then I popped in again to look and sure enough there was some chatter about sharing info somewhere and that was all she wrote. Thanks to who ever that was by the way.

That is the first past present & still to come future of the colossal online tracking epidemic that let to the largest collusion ever known to man.

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