Texas Holdem Poker Rules

The most beautiful thing about Texas Holdem Poker Rules is that they are fair for everyone. When an opponent sits down at the table he is an equal. It could be the President of the United States. No one can help him now! He has to follow the exact same rules you do. That is one thing I've always enjoyed as a professional player.

Poker Rules for Beginners

  • You can also start with an overview of Texas Holdem Poker which covers some of the most basic concepts and rules.
  • Texas Holdem is a variety poker. Which is a card game. All poker games use five cards to make a players hand. Some versions of poker will allow the player to actually chose from more than five. In the end a player will only be able to use the best five. And in this is the case with Texas Holdem Poker. You can only use the the best five cards out of seven.
  • Whether you are completely new to the game or have a specific question, everything on this site is free. I am a professional poker player but can still remember when i first learned. I am going to guide you through everything about texas holdem starting with the absolute basics. You can go as far as you want. I am semi-retired now so I'm not too worried if you become a pro and take some money off the tables some day. I am thrilled to be your coach if you wanna go that far. Either way welcome and let's get you on your way.

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