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As we all know most people think learning how to play poker hands is the key to winning. As a pro player it's ridiculous how many players I've watched fail not following other simple poker tips. Poker tips so silly I am embarrassed to write about them sometimes.

  • For instance you can choose who to play against. If you are serious about winning money choose the easiest opponents to beat. If there aren't enough at a table look for another one. Exactly the same as you would fold a worthless poker hand and wait for a better one & just as important. That's how I made a killing the first few year I played.
  • You can also choose who to play individual poker hands against. And who not to. If you have a hand that is normally worth playing, but a tight opponent raises, fold. Or you will have to get lucky & not be able to bluff. A player with a good hand is the hardest to bluff. Choosing who to play against & how to play poker against them is the who in poker.
  • It is better to be in a game that is profitable with decent skills. Than be the best player in the world sitting in a terrible game. This is why I have spent just as much time thinking about where I am going to play. As I have on who I will play & how I will play against them. This is very especially important for new players to win. This is the where in poker.
  • Paying attention to what is happening is also a key to winning. The next level is knowing what is likely to happen before it does. This will not come from just experience. But by training yourself to think ahead. Knowing what is likely to happen will cause you to instinctively make the best move once it does happen. Making it harder for opponents to read you. Putting you one step ahead of your competition. This is just part of the what in poker.

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