The Game of Poker

Poker - a card game of skill & chance that can be played with or without wagering.

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Poker - where high respect and honors are often awarded to players who successfully use the most viscous of tactics. 

  • Lying
  • Acting
  • Distracting
  • Tricking
  • Trapping
  • Bluffing

Poker - where anything that will give an unfair or unethical advantage to an individual or group of players is not tolerated.

  • Player Collusion
  • Angles Shooting
  • Cheating

Poker - where everyone receives equal opportunities no matter who they may be outside the poker world!

  • Tactics
  • Ettiquite
  • Seating
  • Cards
  • Odds
  • Rules
  • Payouts

Types of poker games vary greatly & new poker games are coming out all the time. You can invent the next popular poker game yourself ! That is why poker will be around for a long time to come. The ways that it can be played broken down follow.

  • Draw poker - where you can discard or exchange unwanted cards for new ones.
  • Stud Poker - where you must use only the cards that were originally dealt.
  • Limit
  • No Limit
  • Spread Limit
  • Pot Limit
  • High Hand Wins
  • Low Hand Wins
  • High & Low Split the Win
  • Tournament
  • Cash Game
  • Public
  • Private
  • Involving Wagers
  • No Wagers Involved
  • Combinations involving any of the above and more
  • Combinations that change called mixed games or other
  • And more variables, playing styles and rules likely which have been forgotten or have yet to come.

Poker - where more people have died at the hands of fellow players than any other game or sport in the history of the established United States of America. Today it is generally not played with guns yet remains painful to play for many due to a high level of tense attributes maybe left over from the gun slinging days of the old west.

Where even if you weren't bluffing, had the nuts and your opponent could catch no card to win, their was one draw that could be made. A draw for iron. Maybe that is one reason they used the word "draw" for both gunfights and poker games. Drawing cold steel could end the hand with the loser winning without a need to look at the cards to see who won.

No cameras to check, no floorpersonel to settle a dispute, no dealer even. Just people playing

  • With Hard often sad lives
  • Likely Drunk or Drinking Alcohol
  • Unable to Add or Subtract Sober
  • Unsure of the Rules Period
  • Loaded Guns on their side
  • Were anyone could be a Cheater

It is often hard to survive the insults that are thrown around with the lack of respect found whilst most are armed. That and all the serious whining of which I am well practiced & guilty of myself. Usually after calling it a day I would whine to myself, GOD or any poor friend who listened to it.

Whining in which I try not to participate in at the table where you will here adults cry, complain & whine worse than you will hear from terminally ill, starving, freezing cold, or unjustly imprisoned individuals. I have contributed greatly with angry explosions unlike most where chairs, racks or chips have gone flying. Not towards anyone only empty space. Along with four letter words and or hostile results towards legitimate poker protocol such as "can I see that player's hand" after I lost the hand they got shoved to the muck pile on purpose saying something I wish not to repeat here. So am or was an active participant in the baby like behavior some poker players know all about. 

I could see someone who complained getting shot. After burying Mom and a little brother that were hurt before. The old saying "you want me to give you something to cry about" or something similar might come up if the old poker players met the new generations.

Humorous Definition of Poker:

An object used to stir a fire, fuel & or coals to improve or slow use of fuel & heat produced over the short or long run. Poker, fire & coals all of which are capable of burning anybody's assets, Aces or both. Index Home Page

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