Basic Post Flop

Post Flop is a major turning point in the game. Here you will decide whether to continue with a hand based on the following. Most important of all to evaluate first is How big is the pot?

Then consider the importance of the following based on that factor

  • Did the flop improved your hand?
  • Do I likely have the best hand?
  • Does the flop give you some kind of a draw?
  • How many players saw the flop?
  • Who are they?
  • Who if anyone raised preflop?

If the pot is big I would not need the strongest draw or hand in the world to continue. 

If the pot is small I better have something good to continue.

Big Pairs

If you have a big pair AA- JJ you should continue to bet on the flop. If someone raises you should base your decision on who bet and whether or not there are over cards to your hand on the flop. The more players that see the flop, the higher the chance your hand has become second best and may need to be folded.

Small Pairs and AK

For hands that need improvement like AK or AQ. If you were the raiser preflop and there is only you and two or less opponents on the flop. You should go ahead and continue to bet whether or not your hand has improved. This may not be a bluff since you could easily have the best hand.

If your hand has big drawing potential like for a flush or straight should bet and play it aggressively no matter how many players are on the flop.

If you hit a set (three of a kind) with any small pocket pair you will want to get in as much money on this and all betting rounds as possible in order to maximize any profits.

If there are three or more players and you hold a little pair (22-77) or two big cards(AK-KJ) and they did not improve on the flop even to the point of a possible straight or flush draw, you should check and then fold. Exceptions to this would be if you hold 77 and the flop was 236. You have an over pair and should continue if the action before the flop did not suggest someone has a bigger pair.

This was a basic overview. Here are detailed strategies for every post-flop situation.
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