Radical Poker Strategy - Deadly in the year 2040

When I say radical poker strategy. I'm not talking about just off the wall. I mean truth. I made the mistake it would seem to call this site Proven-Texas-Holdem-Strategy.com years ago. To the normal person of this day and age yes, it is proven. I proved it over and over again. My thoughts of what can and cant be proven scientifically have changed. Anyway let me discuss truth and proven here in another way with an analogy. Having some fun while were at it.

2020 The US Supreme court unanimously declares all poker including Texas holdem games of chance and not skill. The same year Rick "Luckbox'' Johnson wins the World Poker Series going all in every hand with out looking at his cards even once. Then does it again the next 3 years!  He blows Doyle Bruson out of the water with his book "Proven Luckbox System" which becomes a record breaking all times sales phenomena.  Chapter 1 "Not looking at your cards increases your luck 10 times or more"

The second wind of poker sets in and by 2040 over 99% of all players follow Rick Johnson's Poker Advice. The most important of all "never look at your cards and just go all in every hand". The so called pros of the past are knocked out of every tournament. Now there is no doubt. Rick follows up with "Proven Luck Box System 2"

"Not only does your luck increase 10 times over not looking at the cards." But the opposite has also been proven, looking at your cards decreases your luck by a factor of 10 too.  As it "scares away the luck". The statistics of the last 20 years prove it.

This continues for 200 years. Just don't look at your cards and go all in. Poker strategy becomes a laughing stock at a poker table. All poker strategy authors past and present proven wrong! Any copies of their books all but lost ...since they are also proven later to have been good luck before....and bad luck now. Explained scientifically because people who read strategy books were winners before but losers now. The math never lies.

Before Rick "Luckbox" Johnson ever played in the World Poker Series Clyde "the idiot" Barker, was known as the worst poker player in history. Playing every year of the world series for 20 years straight with the same losing strategy. He was the laughing stock of the poker world.

Also because of his well known strategy book  "Fold Pocket Aces Preflop & Win!" that was considered the stupidest strategy ever. Well known only because of the bloopers and funny moments clips aired worldwide on tv during the series. Tell us about your book they would ask holding back the giggles. "Fold every hand, even Pocket Aces and wait for a better spot. Look at your cards though as it will throw off your opponents" They will have no idea what you are doing."  Nobody ever read past those three sentences to hear him out. As it was obvious he was a complete idiot. He did sell one copy....to his son. Who used it as a way to later institutionalized him. 

Almost 200 years of LuckBox Mania go by. Clyde the idiot's great great grandson finds the book in the attic and reads it. He brainsurfs the internet asking Bingo Search to tell him what happened to his great great grandfather. Then decides to play the world poker series to avenge his grandfathers name and prove him right.

He is the only player in the world who will consider being laughed at and harassed at the tables as an idiot willing to play with strategy. Throughout the 1st hour of the tournament he sticks to his great great grandfathers poker strategy. Even though all the players say come on you should just go all in every hand he is dealt.

The floor man,  tournament director and finally the casino president are called over to his table to make a ruling and settle an argument. Players are complaining again. He is looking at his cards and then folding & not going all in? They fear he will scare away the luck for them too.

Finally a decision is made " We have reviewed the rules and he is not in violation of any known tournament rule". "He has the right to play his own hand & the table is warned not to ridicule his play". All players are given a 5 minute penalty for telling him how to play his hands" the poker room did a good job enforcing the long forgotten poker rules of not to criticize another player or give advice during a hand.

When they get back from the penalty he does what the book says and tells everyone "I am waiting for a better spot than pocket aces or kings please don't be upset". They leave him alone and he musters up the nerve to follow through with the best play in over 200 years. The tournament goes quickly just like it does every year. Due to all the players going all in every hand and knocking each other out. Within 4 hours he is heads up with the massive chip leader. He cannot overcome the huge chip lead of his opponent though as he is 5000 to 1 outchiped. He waited for the best spot he could though and lands second place in the World Poker Series Main Event! 720 Billion Dollars! He is killed before he can comment on his win by the the 3rd place finisher though for messing up his luck.

Rick "Luckbox" Johnson says. I have talked with scientists across the country &  verified it with several top respected mathematicians. There is no other way he could of looked at his cards and scared away that much luck and still win 2nd. It has to be that he was born 483,729 times luckier that normal. The math never lies. And not only that ,usually the simplest solution is the correct one. So why continue to even ponder it. There is nothing we could have missed. I wish I could have found out his luck secret though. He only played one hand got 2nd. The luckiest player ever.

Clyde 'the idiot" Barker was a genius! However stupid and useless his strategy seems now. It is the most effective possible strategy in 2200 that I can see. Top of the top. Best of the best. Just wait for till all of the other players knock each other out and take a slim shot at first heads up short stacked and at worst guaranteed 2nd almost every time. He never got to prove it though. He was ahead of his time. His strategy had a time and place. Yes he played like crap in his time. But he had something to offer the poker community as far as strategy goes. Nobody listened because

  • He was a loser at the time he was developing this strategy.
  • Nobody even read what he proposed.

If someone gets mad or criticizes your strategy tell them to piss off.  You may be on to something. This is not meant to tell you to stop thinking and just find the silliest idea you can and gamble. No I am saying you may be the next Doyle Bruson. And your style may not make sense to anyone. Read Doyles book and you will see that he was often referred to as just being lucky. Because when the money was all in he usually had the worst hand. But was still winning somehow.

Have you ever criticized someone....maybe two years from now that will be the winning strategy. Right now it is not. But maybe they know something we don't. Maybe they are the next poker superstar. However stupid there play looks now maybe it is effective later or needs just needs refinement or is missing a piece of the puzzle.

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