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The best & easiest online poker tip I can give is to always play poker with Rake Back.

How Rake & Rake Back Effect Poker Players

Most of us know what a tournament fee or poker rake is. A small fee taken by poker rooms as monetary reward for their business endeavors & overhead. Usually 5 to 10 % of the pot in a cash game or a fee added to a poker tournament buy in.

What is not usually discussed is that the majority of low to middle stakes poker players are losers due to the simple mathematical fact that a large percentage of the money to be won is being taken out of the games by the house. They have to make money but that is not the point here. Five to ten percent rake or fee does not seem like much until you multiply it by 100 hands per hour.

This is why there are so many frustrated poker players out there that blame many reasons they are losers. Even blaming themselves. Failing to grasp that is a direct result of the rake or fees. Nothing else is to blame sometimes.

Total devastation to most poker players online poker money. Thinking themselves as losers or just chronically unlucky. Well the internet poker rooms are helping to give players a chance to reverse this ugly psychosis & give more players a chance to become elite winning players.

A massive discount on the rake and tournament fees for those who will take 10 to 15 minutes and sign up free. Most online card rooms are participating today.

You took time to learn this first of many previously hidden internet gambling strategies. It is free for you. Now go to a rakeback website & take advantage of this direct offer to you & win money at online poker games! That is what this site is about. I play with rakeback. Anyone not accepting this offer has no excuse to be a loser anymore. This tip will make some into a bigger winners & others finally will break even! It is has a profound impact.

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