Ranking Texas Holdem Starting Hands

The formula for ranking texas holdem starting hands is to combine the true mathematical strength of a hand, with how confidently and correctly it can be played. Along with how many strong draws can also be made (straights and flushes). Give a higher rank to hands that play well even if they rank slightly lower than another mathematically.

Best Starting Hands and Ranking Order
Recommended Starting Hands for Beginners
Starting Hand Ranks with 7 to 10 seated players
Starting Hand Ranks with 4 to 6  seated players

How to Rank a Hands Playable Strength

For example A5 may rank higher (by a computer) than KQ suited. But which can be played better? With the A5 a flop like A 10 9 is not a real dominant spot, since the kicker is weak. Neither is a flop like 5 7 2 since someone could have an over pair etc. If KQ makes a pair of kings or queens on the flop the hand can be played very confidently and this is why it ranks higher.

Everyone is different so try and keep track mentally which hands are best for you while you play. By recognizing if you play the hand well and get value for it? Or if you play it weak and allow someone to outdraw or bluff you for example.

This should influence some adjustments on which hands to play. And how to rank starting hands so they fit your playing style. 

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