Redraws & Runner Runner Draws

The difference between a redraw & plain runner runner is a redraw is a decent or good hand already plus a runner runner draw. Lone backdoor draws are not so fondly referred to as as runner-runner.

The following may sound terrible to some of you great players out there to hear me say this. But I have played in some of the loosest limit games in the world. And know what I'm talking about. Where the pots would contain 30 bets preflop. And I mean all day long. So taking that first look at the turn getting 30 to 1 was a smart move with say AK of clubs. And the flop 10-2 & the 7 of clubs. I am 20 to 1 just to make a flush! Getting 30 to 1. With a bankroll big enough to take those kind of bets & swings so my advice here is sound. If I had just enough to play one hand only I would find a better spot to play it though.

Runner runner draws should be played only when a pot is very big. Or considered outs when bluffing as a just in case I get caught back up plan. You should factor in runner runner draws in close decisions too. Or like if someone is all in for their last 4 dollars and the pot is 75. Well yeah take the shot. Or also if you have two good over cards maybe then too. I dont mean just trying to make a pair. Not in a multiway pot. I highly recommend to never chase against a large field trying to just make a pair.You can be drawing dead against a set.

Redraws definitely should always be taken account of when holding a reasonable hand to begin with. Although you should not count them as your money cards I like to think of them more like insurance of some kind.

For example if I hold Ace King of clubs and the flop is Ace, five, ten. With the ten of clubs. I know I have top pair but I will take note of that back door club draw and actually be hoping a club hits on the turn giving me that much more chance to win if I happen to be against a set or two pair.

If that club does hit now I have a hand that is guaranteed to be drawing to the nuts no matter what they have and is a nice type of "just in case" card. I would rarely ever put my money in hoping to hit a back door draw. But knowing I have it plus a made hand is better than having a made hand with no back door draw.

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