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  • Acquire new launch pads that allow me to function better in the fields I dedicate myself to. Accomplish all that I aspire or die trying.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Bilingual / English & Spanish. English being my native language.
  • Skilled at planning and developing strategies for usage of time, assets, skills and more.
  • Ability to use training materials that have empowered my success in many different professions & fields.
  • Ability to follow directions. Value positive input & ideas from more experienced management.
  • Ability to manage tasks assigned by management that require dynamic free thinking & decisions to be made.
  • Adaptable to different work environments, situations and personalities.
  • Able to multitask and accomplish various projects over days months or years time.
  • Able to work in with other professionals as a team. This accomplished even as complete adversaries otherwise.
  • Work without direct monetary gain if need be on projects that require attention.

Notable Achievements

  • Strong personal, professional & business relationships in my local and traveled communities that go back to childhood.

Professional Endeavors & Experience

Author & Web Developer

2008 to Present

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Author of strategic poker material to be understood & useful for complete beginners, intermediate & advanced players.
  • Focused material & training on skills that need to be in place along with how to play the cards.
  • Web Design such as navigation layout. color, text attributes, graphics, ad placement & HTML use.
  • Search engine optimization, content quality, keyword selection, ad management, affiliate relationship building.
  • Advocate for the game to be known as any other game that can be played with or without risk of assets or funds like Golf, Hockey, Chess, Pool and so on. And that Poker does not require wagers for correct or fun game play.
  • Website is active and useful presence online. Ranking well for intended audience.

Professional Poker Player

2004 to 2015

Fortified Strategies

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Poker Nickname: "The Pro"
  • Online Poker Aliases: Changoman & Changophant
  • Played Poker profitably by successful using strategies developed from mathematics & science.
  • Responsible for bankroll management. Travel planning & arrangements, security, ethics, light record keeping & constant analysis of changing circumstances, promotions, or coordination with other business endeavors I am involved.
  • Collect large amounts of data to analyze and reanalyze without significant formal records other than mental notes & memory.
  • Usage of computer data & Monte Carlo Simulations pertaining to ventures & possible future ventures into other forms of gambling, namely Black Jack  & Progressive Video Poker Games.

AutoAssociate CoFounder

2002 to 2015

AutoAssociate Corporation

The Dalles, Oregon

  • Able to complete medium & minor repairs along with general maintenance of large trucks and equipment. 
  • Assist master mechanics and technicians with large jobs such as engine & transmission extraction and replacement.
  • Also tasked with clean up, safety and security after hours.
  • Subcontracted by some of the best Diesel Repair Shops in the Columbia Gorge Area.



De Gre' & Associates  

Hood River, Oregon

  • Freelance Interpreter for Attorneys, Courtrooms, Medical Practitioners & their clients. Traveling & meeting scheduled appointment in various cities or counties. English to Spanish & Spanish to English oral & written.

Sales Associate

2000 to 2003

Various Automobile Dealerships

Hood River & The Dalles, Oregon

  • Meet & greet customers. Get to know their needs & wants while building a relationship. 
  • Pick out vehicle(s) & do walk-a-round presentation(s). 
  • Coordinate test drives.
  • Look at potential trade(s). 
  • Complete negotiations involved from start to finish. Closing the deal with a customer commitment.
  • Take care of paperwork and credit applications related to the sales process.
  • Deliver vehicle clean & full of fuel. Along with presentation of the vehicle features. Complete new vehicle checklist with customer.
  • Follow up call & address any customer concerns whenever possible after the purchase.
  • Coordinate with managements assigned tasks & goals with minimal need for monitoring or presence. 
  • Recognizing & utilizing assistance from management when needs arise along with other sales personnel to preemptively avoid a failure. By changing gears, personalities involved or simply gaining new information relative.
  • Maintain product knowledge of current and new inventory.
  • Manage inventory and it's placement on the dealership floor and lot.
  • Answer sales phone calls.

English Teacher & Facilitator

1996 to 1999

Various English Schools

Mexico City, Mexico

  • Freelance English teacher working mostly with executives or mid level employees. Engaging them in dynamic classroom activities using various techniques. Incorporating thier current or potential needs in their specific work environment into usefull class activities designed to meet their needs through unconventional methods.
  • Planned lessons, prepared needed materials, anticipated questions from students. Along with consideration & planning the transportation of the materials. Through hectic & crowded urban areas. Often moving to multiple locations throughout the day. Punctually meeting time schedules that constantly varied.

Tree Sorter and Puller

Approx. 1993 and 1994 Seasonal 

Wind River Tree Nursery

Carson, Washington

  • Sorting through small trees on a conveyor belt in a refrigerated area looking for defective or infected.
  • Pulled trees out of the ground using hands only then packed them to be sorted later.
  • Worked outside in the snow, rain and cold weather.

Personal Information

  • Martial Artist
  • Off-road Motorcycle Enthusiast.
  • Raised a Fatherless Child.
  • Donate to charity that feeds hungry children.

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