Secrets of Texas Holdem
How to Avoid Going on Tilt

One of the most important secrets of texas holdem success is to avoid tilt. Hours, days or even weeks worth of work can be lost in a few moments on tilt. There are ways to avoid it and they work best in combination with each other. Following these guidelines can make the difference of becoming a professional player, and not the guy who wanted to be one.

Feelings of frustration or anger are triggers for tilt.

We are only human and have limits to what we can take. Learn to recognize when you are close to the edge. Then if you find yourself there, stop! Take a mandatory break or quit for the day. Before it's too late.

Avoid situations where losing would become stressful or develop into a feeling of desperation.

This is done by selecting a game that is comfortable compared to the amount of money available to play with. A bankroll management plan is most often used for having enough money to stay in a game. It can also be used in order to avoid games that are uncomfortable and cause tilt due to their size and pressure. Some people play better under pressure, most do not.

Do not have more or less than you need for a game at your fingertips.

For example if Joe has a bankroll of $2000 and is going to play 3/6 at his favorite card room. $500 should be enough so he will not feel pressured if he was to lose 100. And not enough to go crazy for most of his bankroll at the blackjack table if he loses 200.

Find ways to let out anger and frustration other than taking it out on your bankroll.

Some people may take a few deep breaths others may cuss out their opponents. Personally if I'm playing at a live game, I will walk around the casino one time and cool off. Online I will often throw a pillow, kick a bag of pop cans or anything non destructive. It's embarrassing to admit, but better than taking it out on my bankroll or loved ones.

There may be reasons that lead one person to tilt and not another.

Know your personal reasons and avoid putting yourself in those situations. Even if that means quitting for the day. It is better to quit voluntarily than to quit because your money is gone. Plan ahead and use discipline to follow through with it

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