Sit-n-Go Strategy - Late Stages
Chip Leaders & Stealing Blinds

Most players use incorrect sit n go strategy during the late stages. They tend to tighten up in order to get in the money. Take advantage of this and start stealing blinds as much as possible. Usually there are only 4 or 5 players and it is unlikely that anyone has a great hand. Plus the blinds are so big that stealing 3 or 4 times can make you a big stack or chip leader, and them short stacked.

If you do get caught, win or lose once opponents see what you were raising with they will think twice about trying to steal your blind. Since it makes you look loose and reckless. And you will get more action if you pick up a real hand. So there are benefits no matter what the outcome.

If not confronted stealing successfully is like a snowball effect. The more you steal, the more chips you have to steal with. And the less they have to hurt you with.

I've used this strategy in thousands of sit n go tournaments. Just like any good strategy, it sometimes backfires. Don't be discouraged if you run into a big hand or lose once in a while. In the long run this is a very effective winning strategy.

It is somewhat unnatural a feeling to raise with a hand like Q9 or K8. Try not to think about your hand and just try and imagine how ugly your opponents cards are J3,92,84 etc.

It's also sometimes better to push with a hand like K8 than a hand like A5, especially from first position. The A5 is a better hand but if you get called, you will often find a hand like this (A5) completely dominated by hands like A10, AJ, 77, 66. And A5 is not much of a favorite over two suited middle cards like 78 or J9. Another problem is you are going to tie with another Ace like A3, A4, since so many player will gamble with an Ace.

But a hand like K8 will usually be live and only a slight underdog if against an Ace or small pair. And the amount of money in the pot from the blinds will make up for it, if you are even confronted

Chip Leader in a Sit-n-Go

If you happen to find yourself as the massive chip leader and there are a total of four players including yourself. A personal sit n go strategy I have used is do not try to knock out the short stack! Keep it four handed as long as possible and steal as much as you can. Since only the top three players will get paid, you can use this to your advantage and grind the other players down to nothing as they are trying to get in the money. Then once it is three handed you will have almost all the chips and be in a very good position to get first.

The only exception would be if you have a tough opponent at the table, or only a slight chip lead. Here it may be better to knock out a small stack if the opportunity presents itself, and assure you are in the money.

If are not chip leader, and you have the chip leader to your left, be careful. This is just a tough spot and limits what you can do. You will not be able to steal as much here and when you do, try not to risk more than you need to. For example if you have 3000 chips, the chip leader 6000 and two short stacks have 1200 each do not raise it more than 700-800. This will be enough to threaten the short stacks for all their chips and enough where you can fold if the chip leader reraises you all in.

If you have a similar situation but the chip leader is to your right and the short stacks are to your left, it is open season on them! Put the pressure on them as much as possible!

Try to avoid being involved in pots with the chip leader. If you do find yourself in this situation try to ensure that you will not threaten your tournament survival. This may mean checking top pair on the river if checked to you for example. Instead of a value bet.

Guidelines on Stealing Blinds

Do not steal if someone
- has voluntarily entered the pot with a call or raise.
- is about to be eliminated putting you in the money and you would be risking yourself being eliminated.
- has a super short stack is in the blind (they have 600 and the blind is 300).

Try to make it look real as possible..don't over do it. Raising two or three times in a row should only be done if you have many more chips and can threaten knocking the opponents out of the tournament without being a short stack if you lose.

Also say you had two real hands in a row and won without being called example AK then 1010. Think twice about pushing hard with a hand like 55 or QJ since you will likely be confronted. Folding or a minimum raise may be the right play if you have a medium stack.

The opposite is also true. If you stole twice in a row and now have a real hand push just as hard. You are likely to get action. Use good judgment when stealing in a sit n go. Try to get into your opponents head. What do they think? Then adjust accordingly.

In the Money

Once you are in the money slow down! You should have a good feel for who is who and adjust. Keep the pressure on when you can just remember people are now more likely to gamble and less likely to be pushed around.

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