Starting Hand Guide
with 4 - 6 Players

This starting hand guide will work for cash and tournament play. If it's late in a tournament, the blinds are big and only 4 or 5 players are left. I recommend concentrating more on what other players cards probably look like. And steal blinds as much as possible. For more on this visit the page on Late Stage Tournament Strategy.

All non paired hands represent both the suited and off-suited counterpart. The suited version is superior by about 5%.

Group 1 Premium

Group 2 Strong
AQ- 1010- 99- 88

Group 3
AJ- KQ- 77- 66

Group 4
A10- KJ- K10- 55

Group 5
A9- QJ- Q10- J10
44- 33- 22

Group 6
A8- K9- Q9- J9

Group 7
A7- K8- Q8- J8 and lower

This is a general guideline. There are many situations that can change a hands value. For example, if five players take the flop a pair fours (44) would be much better to play than Ace 10 (A10).

Everyone is different and there are many scenarios possible. The guidelines above are a commonly accepted ranking of hands.

Personally I rank hands differently but chose this list to keep it simple for you. For more info on this subject take a look at the page on
Ranking Hole Cards.

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