Strategies for Playing Texas Holdem Draws

Strategies for playing texas holdem draws include semi-bluffing getting a free card and building a pot. Playing a draw can include using one or more of these strategies depending on these main considerations.

The number of players currently in the hand, which also directly relates to the amount of money in the pot. The more money in the pot the better pot odds are. Also bigger pots usually mean better implied odds since more players will likely continue with the hand and pay off any draw that is made.

Next is how many outs does the hand have. Combined with how strong of a hand it will be if the draw is completed. All of this will influence the appropriate strategy in texas holdem to apply.

Strong Draws

A strong draw is one that when completed will have tremendous strength. Like an ace high flush or high straight, also know as nut draws.

Having a nut flush or straight draw in a large multiway pot is one of the most profitable situations in holdem. Starting a chain reaction on the flop using the building a pot strategy is by far the best.

Having a strong draw is also a powerful holding in a shorthanded pot but not as profitable. The goal should be to win the pot right away with a semi-bluff. 

If that is not possible getting to the river as cheaply as possible should be the goal which could include using the free card strategy.

Weak Draws

In order to play winning holdem weak draws like gut shot straight draws, or bottom pair should be thrown away in circumstances like the following. 

- The pot is small.
- If the gut shot straight draw will not make the nuts.
- If you can not win the pot with a semi-bluff.
- The board is paired.
- There are two or more cards of the same suit.

Also considered weak are one card straights. Even though the hand may be strong it is of little value.Not drawing to one card straights when the pot's small, is one of the easiest winning strategies for playing texas holdem.

For example holding 39 in the big blind and the community cards are 678. Here is why.

- it will be totally obvious that there is a straight possibility if a 10 or 5 hits. This will lower the chance of getting the hand paid off.

- it will often be a tie with one or more players holding the same card (9) and result in splitting the pot.

- using one card will never make the nuts, unless it's an ace to ten straight ( AQKJ10 ).

For these reasons a one card straight should only be drawn to if the pot is big, or it can be won with a semi-bluff.

Medium Strength Draws

Note that gut shot straight draws can be considered medium strength when combined with two over cards like AK or KQ since they can also improve to top pair. The downfall being if a pair is made it could make someone a straight. For example KQ and the flop is J92.

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