Playing Multiple Tables Online

One trap many players fall into that should be avoided is playing too many tables at the same time online. Multi-tabling has it's advantages. More hands per hour, this can help with patience and discipline. Since you don't have to wait as long to see the next hand, it becomes easier to pass on marginal ones. Also you can play two $100 dollar games instead of one $200 game. And the $100 games may be easier to beat.

But many players overdo it playing 5-10 or even more games at once. This makes it too hard to identify who is who, betting patterns and more. This can also cause mistakes like hitting the wrong buttons for call, raise or fold. Playing becomes hectic to keep up with and frankly can just wear someone out fast causing their game to deteriorate, and actually lower win rate.

So How Many

Play only as many as you can handle. I would recommend one or two for new players and no more than four for experienced players. But everyone is different just use good judgment.

Also avoid mixing different types of games. Keeping it simple as you can for anything related to your holdem game is a winning strategy. Playing tournaments and a cash games at the same time only complicates things.

It's also a good idea if your going to play multiple sit-n-go tournaments. Finish all of them before starting more. Since the game is changing progressively, starting them all at the same time keeps them in similar stages from start to finish.

Screen Size

Make sure you separate the games on your screen too, so they don't overlap. This will help keep an eye on other players and avoid hitting the wrong buttons. This can be done by either adjusting the table size at the poker site. Or by right clicking your mouse, choosing the properties option. Then settings option and adjusting screen resolution (for windows).

Another tip for serious players is invest in a larger monitor. Playing multiple games makes them smaller and harder to see. This can cause you to become tired faster since it strains your eyes. Therefore lowering the amount of time you can play your best game, and overall profit.

I practice all this advise myself. It's always kept me in the money online.

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