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By using this website in any way not limited to the following; business or personal enjoyment you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following statements and position of www.proven-texas-holdem-strategy.com as terms and conditions of its use.

This site is not a gambling site nor does it contain gambling content of any-kind or type. Nor does it contain any gambling related content.

Poker is not gambling. It is only a game. It is by definition a game. Considered a game of skill as ruled by a Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America.

A game or sport that can be used to compete or play for enjoyment just like all other game or sport. And can be used for wagering money or personal property by the players just like any other game or sport known. Legally or illegally. Such as and not limited to the following games or sports : golf, basketball, monopoly, chess, car racing and or scrabble. Which also have factors of both luck and skill.

Luck being circumstances not under the control of anyone participating in the game or sport that can effect the outcome. These same factors are present monopoly with dice, as in poker represented with drawing cards and in the case of scrabble drawing letters to begin the game .In golf, basketball, car racing you have no need to represent the luck factor as they offer more natural occurrences including sudden weather changes, interference from spectator and animal movement, player injuries or absences of competitors, unforeseen sudden inclusion of obstacles not previously involved like flying debris, crashes and so on.

This website does not encourage the playing poker games that provide, accept, or even promote real money wagering or risk of any type of property. Including and not limited to online or land based casinos and or poker rooms. Cash Games or tournaments.

This website is intended to help you be successful at doing so if that is your decision. You are free to use this information for either real money wagering or fun only. But encourages you to play for fun or play money instead. As it is just as fun or funner.

Again you understand and agree our stand is against actual wagering of any kind for money and or property. And all the content on this website is non-gambling content and intended to promote playing poker for fun and enjoyment only.

We a do not prohibit using any tips techniques strategies tips etc for making a living or becoming a professional poker player by being rewarded by third parties in forms such as sponsorship or  endorsements provided. And any reference on this site of helping you to become a professional are meant is that form. Not in the form of risking or wagering any money or property nor  playing in poker games that include wagering of money or property.

Any reference to myself as a professional poker player is meant only to establish myself as an authority, expert, and knowledgeable strategist for the game of texas holdem. Just as a professional golf player may make a reference to himself as being a pro golfer to empower him as a reference for those wanting to learn, strategy, tips, techniques or styles he wishes to teach or share.

By using this website you agree to and understand  that any and all use terms, words statements, notions in there entirety and or inclusion, including but not limited to the following gambling, betting, wagering, money, cash, chips, online, poker, poker room, online poker room, casino, rewards, cash game, buy in, re-buy, bonus, rake-back, add on, profit, winning, losing. Are meant strictly as terms to be used for reference to play money games or unintentional errors will not constitute a violation of any way of singular or plural terms. agreements, policies and or rules of any corporation, company, sole proprietorship or individual.

Games that are advertised and or available do not require actual wagers and can be played for entertainment or prestige only. Whether or not charging a fee to enroll, join, sign up and so forth. And any traffic directed to such from www.proven-texas-holdem-strategy.com ads, banners and or links are for the sole purpose and understanding to be played in the fun money sections only and do not imply or endorse, or provide such adds as directing or sending traffic to gambling sites or sites with gambling content or links to gambling, risking money or property.

Any techniques, tips, strategies or opinions along with advertisements and text links this www.proven-texas-holdem-strategy.com are meant to be used for play money games only.

Furthermore any comment, suggestion, business discrimination or implication by any person, persons, company or corporation implying this website contains gambling content, drives traffic to gambling content or any similar statement is unwarranted as clearly this is not the stance of www.proven-texas-holdem-strategy.com as it is clearly stated in the previous paragraphs.

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