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Complete list of texas hold em poker tips available on this site for strategy, listed on the left side of this page. There is more to strategy than just how to play and those are the topics covered in this section.

Table Talk

One of the most important things to avoid discussing at the tables is strategy. Do not explain yourself if someone criticizes or comments on your play. Some strategic plays may be misunderstood by someone that does not know how to play as well as you. Explaining it will only help them understand your style or take your money. On the other hand if you made a mistake, let them think what they want. And use it to your advantage if possible.

If you want to discuss strategy that is great. Just do it with a friend away from the table. Some players will discuss strategy at the table either because they are genuinely interested in a topic or to impress everyone with how much they know about the game. Do not fall into this bad habit. Not only will it help other players but will make some of the losing players feel bad or even try to improve their game. And that's the last thing you want. Which brings up another important habit to avoid.

Criticizing Players

Do not comment on bad players mistakes or misplays. Criticizing these players will only make them feel bad, leave, or play better. If they called all their chips on a gut shot straight draw and won, that sucks. But explaining the odds and how bad of a play it was is not in your best interest.

Try to find something nice to say about these type of players once in a while without sounding sarcastic or patronizing. They may be terrible players but there should be at least something that is good. For example, how well they take a bad beat. Or maybe they made a bluff that was badly timed. And you could say "man you definitely have guts". You may be surprised that next time your playing they will come over to your table just because they like you. And that's good business.

Many players online can be annoying or just straight vulgar. This can be very irritating and distracting. Some people even go on tilt because of it. Avoiding it is simple, just turn the chat off. There is usually way to do this in the options menu at most online rooms.

The only time it could be of benefit to insult someone or criticize their play. Would be a doing it to a good player in order to rattle them. I have never used this tactic so I can't really comment on it. But I do know someone doing this is more likely to become someones target in a game. And less likely to be invited to a private game. Not to mention possibly being kicked out of a land based card room. Or having chat disabled online by management.

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