Texas Holdem History
as seen by a professional poker player

Texas Holdem History started around the early 1900's. I don't believe anyone knows for sure the exact date. It was played mostly in Texas and Arkansas during it's first days. Then later on started to be played in Las Vegas of course. Around the same time as Texas Holdem was becoming popular in Vegas. The World Series of Poker was started. By Jack Binion owner of Binion's Horseshoe casino. Back then called the game was called Hold'em.

No limit Hold'em was made the main event after the first year. It was featured as a tournament which were rare at the time. And was played at Binion's Horseshoe Casino. With a buy in of 10,000 dollars. Which was a heck of a lot more money then. After about 20 years it started being playing in a betting style known fixed limit. It was very popular in the California card rooms. Like at the Commerce Casino. Which is to this day the largest poker room in the world. I have played over 1000  hours there mostly all limit holdem. It is a poker players dream room. Just one of the of the rooms inside is bigger than any of the poker rooms in Las Vegas I have ever seen. And there were at least three different airplane hangar sized rooms at the commerce last time I was there. Which was this year 2013.

The Biggest Change In Poker History

While I was already playing cards for a living texas holdem poker instantly became popular due to ESPN. Their coverage of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas changed poker forever. Online Holdem exploded as a result of the broadcast. On the internet Texas Holdem became one of the most widely searched terms of all time.

The next thing I knew the game was all over TV. The World Poker Tour being one of the top shows. Often featuring pros who play Texas holdem for a living. They had interviews and would highlight every exciting part of the tournament. A type of Texas holdem game played until only one challenger remains.

The coolest part of the televised version compared to the old style of spectating was to be able to see the starting hands of the players. Using a little camera embedded in the poker table next to their chips. Many new players were quickly able to learn holdem by watching how the pros did it. Poker secrets were made public at that point. 

Still the pros could not easily be matched as one thing is knowing how to play and the other is being able to actually do it. Still people would copy what they could including learning how to shuffle poker chips between their fingers to look like the pros. While playing in live games I could often find myself annoyed by the way players even mimicked the facial expressions and mannerisms of the pros while they were in a hand. I would do my best to tell myself to not let it bother me and just see it as entertaining.

Texas Holdem History in the Making

One of the greatest changes in Texas Holdem History is that In the old days it was almost always played for real money. Things have changed allot for the game and now days you can find tons of free poker games. That in my opinion is the way the game should be played for enjoyment. You can still bluff especially in the play money tournaments where people are trying to survive as the tension mounts. And have a blast with out ever having to risk a penny.

I am very pleased with the way things are turning out for poker as it is a game that should be enjoyed by anyone wanting to play. Not just people with money to spare. I have played the game for real money a zillion times and  can tell you some of the funnest times is playing against other players for fun.

You Might Be a Part of Poker History Someday

Maybe you can be a part of Texas Holdem History in the making. I'll be happy to take credit for being your coach. Learn how to play with me as your instructor. For free just in case your wondering. After all that's the main focus of this website. Enjoy your time here and make yourself a winner!

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