Texas Holdem Odds and Strategy

The experience you gain by using correct texas holdem odds and strategy when making decisions concerning things like flush draws or pot odds. Will benefit the rest of your game as these calculations become second nature and spread out to other areas. In ways you may or may not have expected texas holdem odds and percentages can include. Like deciding whether or not to bluff, or make tough calls based on factors that can be weighed out.

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Texas Holdem Odds and Strategy
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Odds and Strategy in Poker

There is a lot debate over whether to approach the game by relying on texas holdem odds and strategy or feel and reads. Let's end this debate once and for all.

We use math everyday without really knowing it. Let's say you are driving your car to work when you see a light turn yellow. You immediately calculate speed, distance, and time till the light turns red. All estimations of course or by "feel". And decide to stop in order to avoid running a red light. Did you figure it out with a calculator? Of course not! But you were calculating right? To calculate is to perform a mathematical process even if it's just estimating.

It is the same when using reads and feel. They cannot be used without knowing the basic odds and strategy. This applies to texas holdem no matter what a persons dominate skill might be.

An Example in Poker

A good example is say Bob has decided to bluff because he feels his opponent has a weak hand. There were odds calculated to decide this even if he doesn't realize it.
- How much do I need to risk?
- Is the pot size worth the risk?
- What is the chance he will chase to improve his hand?
- What is the chance he will think I'm bluffing?

I'm sure you get the point. Someone must know basic odds and strategy to use feel and reads correctly. This is my view as a professional poker player.

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Using texas holdem odds and strategy together will be a weapon that you will destroy your opponents with, I sure have. It's really a game of math whether using odds, reads, tells, deception, or every single skill possible combined.