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 General Poker Rule Books

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Official Texas Holdem Rules Book Information

  • Texas holdem is different than other sports. If you are looking for an official texas holdem rule book, understand that most online and land based card rooms use the same basic rules with slight variations. Especially land based rooms and even more from state to state. They will all have their own official set of rules though usually available to the public in written format upon request. And of course online poker rooms will have a section for their poker rules to be displayed.

Books for Home Game Rules

  • If you are looking to start your own home game. The key is to have chosen preset rules before the game begins. As long as all players have to follow the same rules the game will be fair. I suggest using the library or buying a book to have on hand for the game. Just decide which set of rules you are going to follow before the game begins. Then make them clear to all your guests. I recommend the books above for detailed Rules. Or Texas Holdem Poker Rules available.

  • If someone is claiming they have an official rule book for texas holdem. They might, but it will be for one specific casino, charter, city, etc. There are no official rules. Only some basic rules with allot of variations on top of them. I am a professional holdem player so I've seen pretty much everything possible. Texas holdem poker rules that are commonly used available for free.
  • Specific rules for any card room should be available by checking the homepage of the site, or by talking to a floor person or dealer in a land based card room.

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