Texas Holdem Rules

One of the most shocking Texas Holdem Rules ever enforce was at a casino I had played quite a few hands at. I couldn't believe what happened as I and everyone who has ever heard it was in complete shock. Well I can best tell you about it the way it went down. It is a rule still enforced to this day.

The Rule of Craig

I've played with Craig many times at a local poker club called Chips. A great place and good atmosphere very well run room. But the big poker room around is a few hours away and was always talked about in the game. When are we going there and who just got back and so on. It is the most largest most popular poker room in the state. I will never go there ever again after the rule they enforced on my friend Craig.

He was in a pretty big game in the day $500 minimum buy in no limit holdem cash game. He held 98 suited and took a flop. Kaboom comes down the flop 5-6-7. Can anyone say bingo! Well things worked out just right and the next thing a guy in front of him had raised all in on the flop. Craig did his hollywood act and then finally called "well if you got me you got me".

He wasn't done with his acting lesson though and got up out of his chair just like they do at the world series of poker or the world poker tour when they are all in. He got up shaking his head in agony holding his hand over his face. Pacing back and forth just hoping that the guy still left in the hand would call the all in bet also. Which was why he was trying to look so scared. He wanted that call something fierce. It was allot of money at the time.

Finally the guy folds though and quickly the other opponent who was all in along with Craig shouts out "Its a dead hand" call the floor man. Craig snaps back like a whip to see what is being said. Anytime you hear dead hand coming out of the other guys mouth and it's just you and him the hair on the back of your neck might stand up. It's a scary feeling even if you know that nothing is wrong.

So the floorman runs over to see what the issue is. After the opponent tells the floorman Craig was out of his seat the floorman quickly rules it dead. Craig's hand is dead for nothing more than standing up to pace a little while he is all in.

I exploded when I found out but it was too late for me to help as it was all but ancient history. Poor Craig. I know if it was me I would of gone home in hand cuffs that night.

A word to the wise

 See it states real clear like in the texas holdem poker rules of any card room I have ever been in that the floor personel have the final decision on any and all rules where descresion is nessasary.

So always be polite to the employees of a poker room if you plan on staying or coming back. If you don't like the way they run the place even a little bit. Complain all you want but just plan to get the funk out of there. And never go back so they don't do the rule of Craig on you. That's what I do. I will never ever play there again. And never have since that night.

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