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Strengths and Weaknesses of Suited Connectors

The following key concepts I learned from one of the best poker players ever in his book that blows this pages info away "Super System".

Big suited connectors like AK though QJ can often win by just making a pair. But lower suited connectors J10 through 54 often need much more improvement in order to win.

All the information below is when both hole cards are used.

  • J10 is the best of all the lower connected hands. Since it will make the nuts (best hand possible) with every straight it completes KQA, KQ9, Q98, 789.

  • Hands 910 through 54 will make four straights also but only three will be the nuts. For example 910 completes a straight with QJ8, J87, 678, and KQJ. But with KQJ it makes second best hand since A10 completes a higher straight. This is the same for all hands down to the 54.

  • Hands with one gap in them like J9 down to 53 will make three straights and only two are the nuts. An example is J9 makes a straight with Q108, 1087, KQ10. But KQ10 makes a higher straight with AJ.

  • Hands with two gaps like J8 through 52 will make two straights, only one of which is the nuts. And hands with three gaps like J7 through 5A will make one straight which is not the nuts.

  • Straights that use only one hole card to complete are never the nuts unless it's the Ace high straight. Example is 910 with AKQJ community cards, or A5 with KQJ10.

The suited and off suited version of every starting hand has about a 5% difference between them. The suited version being the higher of the two.

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