Texas Holdem Starting Hands

Understanding Texas Holdem starting hands is the most important part of a winning holdem strategy. It is the foundation on which a players game will be built. This is why there is an entire section devoted to them.

The most important aspects of hand selection is you. You must be able to play a hand confidently in order to play it correctly. Knowing a hands strengths and weaknesses is also crucial. Take advantage of everything I have learned as a pro and jump ahead of your competition.

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How they are Ranked

Starting hands are ranked mainly according to their mathematical strength combined with how confidently and correctly the hand can be played. A player must be able to play a poker hand with confidence. Since everyone is different nothing can be set in stone.

As You Learn Texas Holdem Starting Hands

As a professional Poker Player I can tell you I started by learning the rank of hands in Texas Holdem first. I thought about them over and over. So don't be discouraged if you are like me where you needed to reference them from time to time. Unable to memorize their order all in one day. Just consider yourself smart that you continue to strive for improvement by referencing them more than once. I have done my best to bring you all my insight after years of work playing poker. In an easy starting hand guide covering all there is to know about them & splitting all the information up covering each type individually.

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