Loose or Tight Preflop?

The post flop strategy concepts listed on this site use a loose-aggressive and tight-aggressive combination. They will work whether someone plays loose or snug pre-flop. Just keep in mind semi-bluffing and bluffing successfully will be much more difficult playing loose preflop.

Very few people can play loose pre-flop and be successful with it. The number one reason I advise against it is because of the rake. Since a loose pre-flop player will be in more hands they will be paying more rake. Of course at high stakes this does not matter. But at medium stakes and lower it has a significant impact.

Extremely loose pre-flop play is advised in many parts of the Sit-n-Go Tournament Strategy Section . so if you like to play loose check it out. It is not advised for typical cash games 6 handed or more though.

Also playing mostly premium and strong starting hands allows more confident play once involved in a hand. This is especially important for beginners and intermediate players. Not to mention the hands are mathematically superior and win more often.

Remember since a loose-agressive/tight-aggressive combination is used in post flop strategy. Most players will be confused with the overall tactics. So there is no need to play loose preflop in order to be tricky. There are times to mix it up preflop but should be done sparingly.

I made a living early on in my holdem career without ever playing marginal starting hands. I never ever had to defend or steal blinds either. These were very wild cash games and you could get any hand paid off. Even if you sat there for an hour without playing a hand.

So if your new to holdem learn little by little by playing only premium starting hands at first, then open up your game some as you get a feel for it. 

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