Tournament Poker Rules

For the most part tournament poker rules use the same rules as normal poker games. With a few slight variations. One of the most important of all these is that you are not allowed to tell the truth about your hand. Most players know you can lie about your hand in most poker games. Or anytime during the for that matter. Some may not know that it is totally against the rules to tell the truth in a poker tournament. More Tournament Poker Rules and Variations

Yes you heard it right. You cannot tell the truth about what you have in your hand. This is not a rare rule. No on the contrary it is an extremely common rule used in tournaments. Big tournaments and small. But not well known to most until it is too late. Because the penalty is about a tough as it gets in poker.

The Penalty is Unforgiving

The player that told the truth loses the hand automatically even if it is for all the chips when it's finished. By disqualification of the hand if it ends up being shown. Tournament poker rules may very depending on location. The penalty is I'm sure in some of the smaller tournaments it is not as strict.

Why the Rule Exists

The reason for a tournament poker rule like this is because of people that try to cheat. Let me explain with an example. Let's players 1 and 2 are cheaters in a tournament that are working together also known as colluders or in collusion.

I am in the hand with AA. Yeah the weapons of mass distruction. I was being sneaky and didn't raise it because it was getting raised every hand. So I just called hoping someone will raise and then I can reraise all my chips and bust them or at least win a decent pot if nobody calls without any risk. I want someone to call though having JJ or AK if we get it all in preflop. But player 3 comes trying the same move. But it is obvious to everyone he is up to something cause he never plays a hand.They went into caution mode and there was no happens. 

The flop is 4-5-6 all hearts. I have the ace of hearts. So I have a flush draw and pair of aces in the hole too. But I am in danger here against 3 players that could have anything. No remember the point player 1 and 2 are a team. So player 1 has a flush and player 2 has a straight. But I dont know this and am not going anywhere with a flush draw and pair of aces too.

So I bet pretty big then player 2 raises all in. Player 2 tells player 1 I have a flush. Normally this could be seen as reverse psycology. It's far from it. Player 2 is just telling player 1 not to call because he knows he has a strong hand using some hand signal. But they can't be doing sign language or they would get busted . All he told his buddy is I got this. Now player 2 says no you don't fold "I have a flush".

See they don't want to knock each other out of the tournament. Why get 1st place when you can get 1st and 2nd too.

Some Exceptions Are

If both me and you are already all in and there is no betting left it is okay to say what you have as it will not make any difference in the betting.

All I know is that player are not allowed to tell the truth about what they hold in their hand before everyone involved is all in! Just so you understand I will repeat it. This rule is not rare but is applied usually to only tournament poker rules which can also vary place to place.

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